FBI Director Christopher Wray has testified several times since October 7 that the terror threat is extremely elevated. But in the latest testimony on Tuesday, December 5, Wray’s blinking red lights were a strongly worded warning to be prepared for something as horrible or more so than 9-11.

Though he could be way off and floating leisurely down his river of deceit, he may be correct this time. The rest of the Biden administration appears asleep at the switch about National Security, especially DHS Secretary Mayorkas. Considering the number of military-aged males from various countries crossing the US border. Or the numbers of people on the Terror Watch List flowing freely into the country.

Those blinking red lights: does he know something we don’t? Probably.

“I am concerned that we are in…a heightened threat environment from foreign terrorist organizations for a whole host of reasons and obviously their ability to exploit any port of entry, including our southwest border…We have seen an increase in so-called KSTs, ‘known or suspected terrorists’ attempting to cross over the last five years… What I would say that is unique about the environment that we’re in right now in my career is that while there may have been times over the years when individual threats could have been higher here or there than where they may be right now, I’ve never seen a time where all the threats or so many of the threats are all elevated, all at exactly the same time.”  Christopher Wray, FBI Director

Here are examples of some of Wray’s blinking red lights:

Screenshot via CriticalThreats.,

The disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal essentially created a ‘terrorist super state,” according to retired CIA operations officer Sam Faddis in AND Magazine. With the various jihadi groups now working on plans to steal nearby Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, things could get hot quickly. Of course, Biden says that Al-Qaeda is no longer any sort of threat to America. It depends on which branch of the terror organization he was talking about. It is actually strengthening in its new-found havens.

Into that Islamist mix comes the Hamas/Israel, with Hamas threatening to commit acts of terror in the United States. The leader of Hezbollah recently hinted that a “full-fledged war” was not off the table and that the people who committed the 1983 bombing of the US Marine Barracks in Lebanon in 1983 are “still alive.” There’s Qatar, where numerous terrorist leaders have found sanctuary. Don’t forget the Houthis in Yemen, who have been attacking ships, including ours, in the region. Iran is rattling its sword like they always do. All while our own college students are openly chanting to kill Jews and destroy Israel.

I would say that when you couple that with hundreds of people from the Terror Watch list coming into the US, the “blinking red lights” really are going off everywhere. And we don’t have access to the intelligence that Wray does. Be prepared.

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