A new poll finds that more Americans than ever are identifying as conservatives while fewer than ever claim to be liberals.

Despite the efforts of the lamestream media, the Democrat Party, and the mis-educational establishment, liberals are currently losing their status.

“For most of the past eight years, Americans were about as likely to say they were liberal as conservative on social issues. This year, there is a more obvious conservative advantage,” the polling outfit said.

“The shift is mostly due to increasing social conservatism among Republicans, at a time when social issues such as transgender rights, abortion, and other hot-button concerns are prominent in the national public debate,” Gallup added.

“When asked to describe their political views overall, without reference to social or economic issues, 40% say they have conservative views, 31% moderate and 26% liberal,” the pollster explained.

Gallup added that the last time they saw a split leaning this conservative it was back in 2012.

The most notable change was among young people who are quickly shifting to the right.

Conservatives have also gained a 2-1 majority on the economy.

This is all likely a backlash against the left’s recent drive toward hate-filled militancy against anyone who would offer even the most mild of criticism of their radical agenda — especially with transgenderism aimed at kids.

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