The Marie Keating Foundation, an organization that raises funds and awareness for cancer, is being blasted for its absurd, woke, transgender campaign warning women to beware of prostate cancer, an illness that women can’t get because women don’t have prostates… only men do.

“Prostate cancer awareness is important to everyone born with a prostate. Men & those born male or assigned male at birth. A woman who was assigned male at birth has a prostate. We highlight that everyone with a prostate needs to get their PSA checked,” the Ireland-based Marie Keating Foundation posted on X.


The first post in the Marie Keating Foundation thread included a picture of a transgender woman and read, “Denise Breen tells us why it’s important that not just men over 40 should be aware of #prostatecancer. We are so grateful to Denise for sharing her story and support.”

In another thread, Marie Keating whined about “hate speech.” “We will not respond to hate speech or discrimination. Cancer does not discriminate,” they pandered. It’s not discrimination. Women who become men still don’t have a prostate, which is a  necessary element of prostate cancer.

In the end, the charity is obviating its cause by involving itself in radical, left-wing gender politics instead of sticking to the cancer cause. Marie Keating should stop blaming everyone else that the cause is obscured as it engages in off-topic political meanderings.

Stay in your lane, Marie Keating

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