A Massachusetts school district is only the latest liberal loons to cancel Halloween for the kids because it isn’t “inclusive” enough.

It’s all about eliminating American ideals, traditions, and good, clean fun in favor of pushing the extreme, anti-American, left-wing agenda.

Northborough Public Schools Superintendent Gregory Martineau angered some parents early this month when he sent a letter home to parents piously exclaiming that he is more intelligent and more caring than those around him because he wants to promote “inclusiveness” and Halloween does not fit in with his indoctrination campaign.

According to CBS Boston, some parents objected to this woke evangelist when he proclaimed that Halloween is out and “fall-themed spirit day” is in.

“This collaborative decision aligns with the District’s core values of equity and inclusion,” Martineau’s letter says. “Moving the parade outside of the school day allows families to participate in a manner that is most comfortable for them.”


However, many parents were not appreciative of Martineau’s meddling.

“Frankly, I don’t understand it,” one parent said. “I don’t understand why it is being taken from my son.”

Parent Edward Reiss called the school’s decision “insulting.”

“And it smacks of a decision that the administration knew would be unpopular and pushed it through by any means they could because that’s what they wanted. I am worried about what precedent this sets,” Reiss added.

However, parent James Hamlan insisted there was “the money aspect” to the decision and supported having the PTO hold a Halloween parade after school.

“Not everyone can afford a Halloween costume,” Hamlan said. “There’s the parent aspect; some kids have their parents there and can leave work and witness the parade. I think it’s good because it means more parents can go to whatever parade the PTO is organizing.”

This kind of garbage happens every year. With Christmas. With Easter. With Columbus Day. With Halloween… in short, every American holiday and tradition is a target for elimination because it isn’t woke enough.


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