A white hospital executive in Maine has been found saying that white people need to be made uncomfortable and that they deserve a lesser level of attention so that they will “atone” for the crime of being born white.

Ryan Polly is a vice president of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at MaineHealth, which has more than a dozen healthcare locations across the southern part of the state.

But Polly, who calls himself a “minister” for the anti-racism group “One Spirit,” says that white people must be mistreated in all parts of society. And he had a “prayer” for whites.

“As the head of diversity, equity, and inclusion at a major health system, I frequently think about my role as a White person first and as a diversity leader second. I think about the responsibility I have to continue the deep internal work of… understanding my own racist narrative and biases,” Polly continued. “I think about the privilege my Whiteness affords me and the choices Whiteness allows me to have… My Whiteness keeps me and my family safe.”

He went on to say that all whites live a “life of whiteness” and are racists.

“This evening has been designed with White people in mind not to take the stage. We have plenty of places to take the stage,” he said as he started his obscene prayer. “We [need] to… begin the work to join the fight… We must ensure we… do the work to challenge our ignorance, biases, and racist thoughts that we’ve acquired through the life of Whiteness.”

“Let us develop the courage to dive [into] deeply experienced discomfort. Let’s sit with it… knowing that the answers come not from our own conscious thinking because that thinking is shaped by racist constructs. The answers lie deeper,” he said. “Let us leave with the tenacity to become anti-racist and continue the fight, even when we could simply choose not to. Amen.”

Polly clearly means for white people to be mistreated and to respond by bowing their heads in supplication to such mistreatment to pay back society for their racism.

That means we have a hospital executive advocating for white people to get inferior medical care at the hospital chain he represents.

Why does MainHealth want to endanger the lives and health of their white patients?

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