Williams College a private liberal arts college in Williamstown, Massachusetts accepted papers from academics for “New Voices in Science and Technology Studies: A C3 Symposium,” which is scheduled for the November 1-3 of this year. If you wanted to submit a paper, you had to do so by September 8th, and you had to be part of a “historically underrepresented group.”

Per College Fix

The call for papers specifies that means either “African Americans, Alaska Natives, Arab Americans, Asian Americans, Latinx, Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders.”

What about bald Jewish bloggers who are Long Islanders?  Probably not

Part of the application process asked applicants to write a couple sentences proving themselves as a member of a “historically underrepresented group.” Yet the application also provides an equal employment opportunity statement that people from all backgrounds are welcome.

Chosen scholars will receive a $500 honorarium and be hosted by Williams College as they present their papers to the audience, organizers state, adding “we aim to create an inclusive, intellectually enriching experience for all involved, including the visiting speakers and the faculty and students of Williams.”

The call for papers also says they are looking for a broad approach to Science & Technology Studies (STS) at Williams. They say they are welcoming ” papers from any disciplinary location — including but not limited to programs in STS or History of Science — so long as they offer new and significant insights into the imbrication of science and technology with society.”  Well–offering new insights as long as the applicant is not White.

College Fix reached out to the Chair of Science and Technology Studies Laura Ephraim who is the point of contact for the event she has ignored repeated phone calls and emails from The College Fix seeking comment about the event. Others acting if they take an oath of omerta include Williams College’s media affairs office and several faculty members in the Science and Technology Studies.

Strangely College Simply reports that the student body of Williams College is diverse,



I suppose that means they will take money from Caucasians for tuition but won’t evaluate their Sci/Tech ideas, or that 54% of their student body isn’t welcome. Additionally, their call for papers makes one wonder if their Caucasian students are allowed to turn in the term papers they wrote.

Below is a copy of the call for papers: