Will DOJ Investigate The Democracy At Work Institute Assets

The United States Federation Of Workers Cooperatives (USFWC) was founded in 2004 as a grassroots membership program with national and international partners to advance an agenda for economic justice rooted in community-based, shared ownership. Among these working groups is the Democracy at Work Institute, which has produced its own Guide for worker-owners, cooperative developers, lawyers, technical assistance providers, and others thinking about expanding worker-cooperative businesses through licensing and franchising. The USFWWC agenda is aligned with major federal agencies like the EPA, State Dept, and Homeland Security. Still, it’s unclear exactly what products or services these government agents are marketing. Or what value has been assigned to their properties, structures, and equipment that may have been purchased with tax-payer revenues?

When the DOJ or State Attorney Generals target legal businesses like the Trump organizations, it’s essentially pushing for their vision of Shared Equity in Economic Development (SEED) promoted by the National League of Cities. These are the types of Public/Private partnerships that can associate with international agencies like the UN to equip city leaders with tools, resources, and expertise to build equitable economies using democratic business ownership. This formerly unknown Federal Workers co-op now includes more than 370 businesses and has an estimated 1,000 worker co-op members that range in size from 2 to 2,000 workers. Most of these city, county, state, or federal workers were hired to serve the specific needs of local communities, not to advance their own business interests that are said to span across dozens of industries with varying management and governance structures.

The bureaucrats running these government-owned businesses as “For Profit” enterprises don’t consider themselves in a competitive business environment. This group is far more comfortable working with agencies like UNOPS, which is currently embroiled in another major financial scandal related to the same business model. That same business mindset was employed by bureaucrats and politicians when they used your tax dollars to engineer viruses as bio-weapons, promote cryptocurrency markets, and advance human trafficking as normal business functions in modern society.

The Durham Report was released over six months ago, indicating that FBI leaders knew that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton’s team had paid a foreign operative to create a bogus narrative suggesting that Trump’s campaign team was in bed with Russia. Voters need to understand those actions didn’t just manipulate the election outcomes in 2016 and 2020, but they also severely impacted the lives of millions of Americans through the ‘denial of government services’ in a multitude of ways never reported on by corporate media. Corporate media, Big Tech, and Intel Bosses all agreed the evidence of collusion was so overwhelming that Trump voters were considered to be Useful Idiots working for Putin. Who happened to be providing natural gas to our European Union allies until an act of Eco-Terrorism took out the Nord Stream pipelines.

As we were being told that John Durham was investigating the FBI for the years of targeting Donald Trump and his supporters, Fake News outlets were burying the fact that government agencies had been creating shadowy groups like California-based SEI Climate Corp partnership controlled by California’s electrical utilities. That allowed California Governor Gavin Newsom’s wife, Jennifer, to found the California Partners Project in 2020, associated with the California Green Business Network pushing a “green certificates” program, which sports the motto “People. Planet. Profit.” Dozens of new green groups appeared out of nowhere, all touting the money-making opportunities from green business partnerships.

It’s these types of working groups  supposedly addressied barriers to greater efficiency and decarbonization while promoting innovative policies and implementing other best practices that failed to achieve any ecological benefits at all. It’s these types of green groups that began morphing into fronts for big business as the UN was creating its own corrupt Green Industry Platform, The platform produced a report on Sustainability After COVID-19 for the global New Green Deals that are currently underway across the planet. Just as there are multiple “Climate Corps” in operation, there are also multiple versions of the Green New Deals being marketed in various regions of the world.

There is no telling how many of those co-ops are part of the Biden regime’s DOE Climate Corp program or are now operating as highly trained Certified Climate Change Professionals®, peddling bogus energy-efficiency products to other NGOs and members of the WTO.

The extraordinary electrical energy savings being claimed by the EPA resulted from when President Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu released the EPA; Lead By Example guidelines. Bureaucrats were directed to estimate that ENERGY STAR products saved 25% to 50% more electrical energy than other similar products. That action turned “certified” electrical energy-saving into a multi-billion dollar commodity. It defied both the laws of physics and commonsense. It was during Steven Chu’s stint at DOE in the Obama administration that the Dept of Energy began to develop the Smart Home Energy Management System (SHEMS), which now claims to help save energy, save money, and protect the climate.

The EPA can’t explain how their premium-priced products and services save anybody money because the true value of their product line exists only in the minds of lawyers, politicians, and academics. Who also believe that in order to make society better, an understanding of Marx’s embrace of class struggle is a fundamental core value for a sustainable green future.

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