The Minnesota Vikings had their season ended when their kicker blew a short field goal which would have given them the victory.  But never fail, a new kicker has been found. Deadpool…he even knows to keep the laces out:

In the end the movie is really just a love story. Okay it’s not a love story, it’s not a superhero movie either. Deadpool lampoons everything about super heroes. And  Deadpool knows he comic book character, and talks about it all the time (it’s called breaking the fourth wall).

12512104_214295062246120_20548735_nThe character is not the freedom-loving, honor and goodness character one might see in other action films. Deadpool, the “Merc with a mouth” is “f-bomb” throwing wise-ass with a sick (and funny) sense of humor.  In the first trailer one of Wade Wilson’s buddies tells him after the medical procedure which saved his life and ruined his face, “You look like Freddy Krueger face-f**ked a topographical map of Utah.”

As you may guess the movie will be rated “R.”