This year for the first time in my life, I will be boycotting the Academy Awards on February 28, 2016.  It’s a move I feel I have to make. You see for the second year in a row the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presentation is screwing the Jews. When you look at the names of the nominees, there’s not a Schwartz, Rosenberg, Bloomberg, or Cohen among them. But it’s much more than that. They not only have left out “members of the tribe,” but they made a conscious effort to insult the Jews :

Look at the Best Actor list, Bryan Cranston (“Trumbo”), Matt Damon (“The Martian”), Leonardo DiCaprio (“The Revenant”), Michael Fassbender (“Steve Jobs”), Eddie Redmayne (“The Danish Girl”).

Steve Jobs? Come on, his father was a Muslim for Pete’s sake. The Revenant? We Jews already did our 40 years in the wilderness with Moses, what Jewish mother would let her son go into the wilderness– and get raped by a bear yet? Trumbo? An obvious reference to the untrue stereotype that Jews are communist. The Martian? PULEEESE. No Jewish mother would ever let her son go to another planet alone, at the very least she would send a care package with a year’s supply of her brisket. And why wasn’t New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler nominated? His Benedict Arnold-type performance in voting for the Iran deal just because the President gave him a ride on Air Force One was a classic.

The Best Actress nominees are just as bad. Cate Blanchett (“Carol”), Brie Larson (“Room”) Jennifer Lawrence (“Joy”), Charlotte Rampling (“45 Years”), Saoirse Ronan (“Brooklyn”). Look at Joy, a movie about a woman who invents a new mop. No Jewish woman would go near a mop, she would have a cleaning lady who comes to the house twice a week. 45 Years? A movie about a couple about to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. I have never met a Jewish woman willing to admit she was 45 years old; married for 45 years would be totally blasphemous.

Then there’s Brooklyn a movie about an Irish woman in the 1950s who falls in love with an Italian man. Nonsense! How can you have a movie about Brooklyn in the 1950s without Jews? And why wasn’t Debbie Wasserman Shultz nominated for best actress? Look at all the times she said that Barack Obama liked Israel, that was a masterful acting performance. Or what about Senator Barbara Boxer? Do you really think that she is really that dumb? No one is that stupid; she is acting.

Last year they nominated a movie called Selma. The story of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That movie totally omitted one of King’s good friends and partner in his efforts, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. The rabbi was a famous theologian recognized as a holy man by all faiths, who marched to Selma at the front of the line right next to Reverend King. The fact that Selma got nominated was another academy slight to the Jews.

See what I mean? Forget the nonsense about the Jews owning Hollywood. If that was true, the Jews wouldn’t be screwed in the Academy Awards.

I understand that there are some African-Americans talking boycott because there were no blacks nominated…but that’s different. They are complaining because of the lack of diversity in this year’s Academy Awards nominations, all of the actors nominated in the four major categories are white. But the lack of diversity wasn’t based on the color of the potential nominee’s skin. It was an accident based on who ALL the members of the Academy nominated (all races).

To get nominated, “voters are asked to list up to five names, ranked in order of preference.” There is no place on the nomination form to list the race of one’s choices. The nominators are all the member of a specific branch of the academy, actors only nominate in the actor categories, directors in the director, etc. BTW an individual can belong to only one branch. Ben Affleck, for example, can only be an Academy member as an actor and not as a director, or Brad Pitt can only belong to the Academy as an actor and not a producer, etc.

So the lack of African-American acting nominees was the result of the votes of ALL the actors in the academy. Do people like Al Sharpton or Jada Pinkett Smith really believe that the all the voting actors got together to say, “let’s piss off the black people this year!” As for Spike Lee, well what does he know about a good performance? When was the last time one of his movies didn’t stink up the joint?

Now in the case the Jews, as I proved in this post, the snub here was obviously intentional and that’s why for the first time in my life I will be boycotting the Academy Awards presentation. This is the first time I will be boycotting. But to tell the truth in past years I haven’t attended the Oscars because, well…I didn’t have a ticket. And to be totally honest, if by some chance I was invited to this year’s presentation and received tickets I might just change my mind. But until that happens, I refuse to attend.