Recently, the Democrats on the Federal Communication Commission voted to begin reviving the Net Neutrality rules, which had been rolled back under President Trump. That action was to compliment a Biden Executive Order 14008 issued in April of 2023, allegedly ensuring that all Americans had access to affordable, reliable, high-speed internet service. This is just another example of Orwellian double-speak, designed to expand an inter-agency approach in pushing a new form of environmental justice. Americans aren’t allowed to consider that hundreds of billions of tax-payer dollars had already been funneled by the Obama regime to federal agencies under the guise of protecting America’s electrical grid from cyber-attacks. Nobody in the media cares where that money went or if National Security was achieved.

The Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment is a new formula-based grant program for State broadband planning and deployment that will spend another $65 billion to help close an imaginary digital divide for those Americans without affordable broadband. As with all of Biden’s Environmental Justice organizations, it assumes that only unelected bureaucrats and virtuous billionaires can truly understand the needs of disadvantaged minority communities. Most of the federal funding from Obama’s scientific research apparently went into the EPA’s new Smart Grid home system, allowing foreign nations and bureaucrat-controlled NGOs to provide premium-priced ENERGY STAR “certified” products. So that Americans can now save energy money and help the climate. How that occurs is never really explained.

Bureaucrats believe that just using the term smart energy will make uninformed voters assume that really smart energy policies are in play. This new-age Crony Capitalist only believes in expanding revenue streams, and their pet projects can be turned into social justice campaigns. The cost to allegedly help lower internet prices for Americans is summed up as follows: Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment Program ( $42.5 billion), Affordable Connectivity Program ( $14.2 billion), Digital Equity Planning, Capacity and Competitive Grants ( $2.75 billion), Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program ( $2 billion), Rural Broadband Programs at the Dept of Agriculture ( $2 billion), Middle Mile Grant Program ( $1 billion) and some Private Activity Bonds ( ~ $600 million).

These money-for-nothing programs will go to electrical utilities, university think tanks, and radicalized social justice groups operating on school campuses. This is the sales force for certified Green New Deal products that experts will train to never question why only select members of minority communities can be trusted to market these premium-priced products.

The delusional concept of agency officials providing affordable government-owned products to the public dates back to 2009 when Energy Secretary Steven Chu released the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines. This Nobel Prize-winning Energy Secretary directed that all federal, state, and tribal agencies claim that the ENERGY STAR brand was producing “deemed” electrical energy-savings, which were somehow producing 25% to 50% more savings than identical products. This has created a new government-owned commodity for political insiders, which is every bit as credible as the cryptocurrencies marketed by Silicon Valley Bank banksters.

Government officials have used this ploy for years, pretending that their imaginary commodity is only available on an industrial level to political insiders. The EPA claims their government-invented energy efficiency product lines have produced their own marketplace, which will now be expanded to include other federal agencies. This became possible after changing the rules regarding the sales of “surplus power” from government-owned power stations at higher market prices. Which was later made part of the 2014 adjustment to the US Codes under a Public Health And Welfare section that granted extraordinary powers to the Dept of Energy. While the initial changes to the law were about the function of agencies to perform their tasks, it opened the door for all sorts of State-Owned Enterprises using a newer interpretation of “Federal lease” agreements. As with many old New Deal policies from the 1930s, only the most rich and powerful people get to act as protectors for the poor and downtrodden.

Media will conveniently ignore this newest push for internet funding because they had utterly failed to report on the $31 billion spent by Obama’s Recovery Act investments for electric grid modernization back in 2015. That initiative was part of a Smart Grid scheme, which included matching private-sector funding of $4.5 billion by the electric sector. Which allowed the DOE to work with non-profit groups like the SEI Climate Corps. The Strategic Energy Innovation (SEI) was founded in California in 1997 and is now producing its own ‘2022 US Climate Ambition Report’ for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. It operates with other State-owned groups like the California Green Business Network, which claims to improve employees’ wellness and productivity.

Few of these green groups have evolved more than NextGen America (formerly NextGen Climate), founded by Tom Steyer in 2013. The hedge-fund manager formed the Ambassadors Council to promote democratic engagement and voter mobilization. In July, the former EPA Director Lisa Jackson joined Steyer’s team at Galvanize Climate Solutions, a climate-focused global investment firm, to deliver capital and expertise to accelerate climate solutions. Lisa Jackson also spearheads Apple’s environmental initiatives and the Racial Equity and Justice Initiative.

Americans are being asked to comment on Biden’s Broadband Equity, Assess and Deployment program, or what might be called Net Neutrality 2.0. Which is being presented as a new Democrat job creation program, but others may believe it’s really a massive corporate welfare scheme for wealthy Globalist