The White House has spent hundreds of man hours correcting the gobbledygook that comes out of Joe Biden’s senile mouth on White House transcripts, and has admitted to doing so 148 times, in just this year alone!

Biden often lapses into unintelligible gibberish, granted. But that isn’t the worst of it. He also lies repeatedly in nearly every single speech he makes.

And time and again the White House has had to go into the transcripts of his speeches to clean up their boss’s senile rambling so that posterity can know what he was “supposed” to have said per the speech as written.

So, the White House transcript team goes into the transcripts to fix Biden’s nonsense.

Per The Daily Caller:

Through 118 statements, speeches and chats with reporters spanning from Jan. 1 to April 24, the White House has officially updated its transcript with corrections to what the president said out loud at least 148 times.

Some of the modifications include corrections to names, dates and titles of organizations. Others change verbs and modify the meaning of the president’s statement entirely. Words that the president didn’t say, but should’ve, according to the White House staff, have also been added to the transcripts.

“It was then, through no — through my American Rescue Plan — which every American [Republican] voted against, I might add — we made the largest investment in public safety ever,” the White House transcript of Biden’s March State of the Union address read.

“I’ve always believed we’ve [they’ve] got it all wrong. America is rising. And we have the best economy in the world, which we do,” the White House transcript of Biden’s April 17 remarks on his new initiatives to protect U.S. steel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, read.

“We must be honest: The threat to democracy must be defended [defeated],” another State of the Union excerpt reads.

In at least one case, the White House put out a transcript that falsely portrayed what Biden said out loud.

At an event last week, Biden seemingly read the word “pause” off of his teleprompter, but the original White House transcript of the president’s remarks did not include the word “pause” — it said “(inaudible).” An updated version of the transcript now includes the president’s “pause” as well as the “(inaudible).”

You almost have3 to feel sorry for these poor schlubs toiling at the White House.

I mean, if each and every one of them weren’t extremist, left-wing ideologues working feverishly to destroy the U.S.A., you could almost feel sorry for them.

But, not really.

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