Guest Post by Joe Messina:

Have you heard about the implosion of socialism in Venezuela? Or should I say, the blow up of Venezuela because of socialism?

Food trucks being hijacked, black market food skyrocketing, a dozen eggs selling for over 100 bucks, toilet paper, milk, and other basic necessities not being provided or even available for the general public. YEP! In a socialist nation where everyone is equal.

Bernie Sanders said we should embrace socialism because it treats everyone fairly and provides for all. That must have been one heck of an acid trip Bern! The upper 1% get all the toilet paper, food, water, and electricity they want, while “The People” get what the government says they can have. And right now, that isn’t much.

When Bernie was asked about socialism and why he thinks it’s so great especially since we are seeing the oil-producing, socialist country of Venezuela unravel before our eyes. And recently we’ve watched the failures of other socialist nations like Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, Greece, the European Union… all EPIC FAILURES! Bernie responded with, “I didn’t come here to speak about socialism, I came here to speak about my campaign.” The commentator said “You are touting the virtues of socialism on your campaign trail.” After a moment of silence Bernie said again,” I didn’t come here to discuss that”. A real winner in that one!

Russia is really operating under socialism and can’t get out of their own way. It’s is one of the richest countries on the planet in terms of natural resources. They are loaded with natural gas, diamonds, oil reserves, and great farm land but somehow the ability to feed its people or give them “fair and equitable” housing alludes them.

When asked about socialism, Liberal Loons respond pretty much the same way all the time basically saying, “go away,” “you’re stupid,” and “fear-monger.” They can’t even string together a sentence with structure and substance. WHY? Because they got nuthin’! They don’t know, they are ill-informed and the way to win (so they believe) is to brow-beat and insult, rather than actually deal with the issue.

My wife (also my producer and editor) Tammy recapped an on-air story I recently covered about socialism. When I scanned the reader comments I was floored! Not really. Nothing the far Left does really floors me anymore. One reader wrote:

“How long did you spend in Venezuela? My students and family there would be really upset if they knew that a priviledged [sic] lady like you is so misinformed about what a dictatorship looks like versus true DEMOCRACY.”

First of all lady, we are comparing socialism to a REPUBLIC. Hello! Get a clue! Secondly, are you really that blind? Are you so afraid or prideful that you will have to concede that socialism works NOWHERE that you’re willing to bury your head in a really dark place so you can ignore people eating their own pets and paying over 100 bucks for a dozen eggs? Food truck drivers are being beaten and the trucks hijacked. This isn’t a joke.

The government is shutting down government buildings 2 days a week to save electricity and money. Martial law has been established for at least 2 months. You can be SHOT for stealing food. Some of you bleeding hearts don’t want to prosecute people in this country for stealing food for their families when they are in need. But somehow you have no issue with what is going on in Venezuela? The Loon who commented thinks Venezuela is a true democracy? I want to know what she’s smoking.

Socialism doesn’t work, it never has. It takes so much away from individuals. Socialism doesn’t allow for incentives to better oneself or move up. The economy is not market driven. Property is owned by the state and they decide who gets what and when. With no incentives, there’s no reason to work harder. There’s no real hope that you can achieve your goals and happiness. Under socialism, collective ownership is what’s important, not individual achievement.

China, though using a more “capitalistic approach” to their financial markets, still adheres to strong socialist values, except for the top one percent. Many companies in China are owned by the government or friends of the government. From a young age you’re groomed to understand the government knows best about everything. They chose what career you will have, where you will live, and how much you will be paid. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it!

Watch the interviews of the “Bernie Millennials.” They are strong advocates for socialism because the government pays for education, housing, food, medical, and more. Sounds like prison to me! They think that the government will share the resources so everyone is treated equally. Think again. The government has NEVER done a good job of taking from the rich and giving to the poor. They have done a great job of taking from the hard working, and taking from the hard working, and taking from the hard working (no I didn’t stutter) and trickling a small portion of what’s left, what they didn’t waste, to people in need. But they’ve yet to work on a solution as to how to get them off government aid. Just ways for getting more government aid.

Millennials think that helping people is socialism, but it’s not. Helping people is actually accomplished through capitalism! Private organizations do a much better job at helping out non-profits who then actually get more of the resources (private money) out to the people in need. It’s private money that funds much of the research and development for breakthroughs in medicine and science as well as new energy sources and new technologies. Very few innovations come out of socialist and communist countries. Period.

Capitalism is the only way for individuals and countries to pull themselves out of poverty and eventually be able to help other people and, in turn, other nations take care of their own.

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