ENERGY STAR is arguably the most corrupt federal program in US history, a true National Disgrace which has inflicted more damage on America’s economy, scientific, educational and legal systems than an entire army of Bernie Madoff’s and John Beale’s.

Built entirely on myth, fraudulent scientific research and bogus technical reports promoted by the media, this secretive program has been mired in scandal and controversy since day one.

It’s entire financial value can be traced directly to a group of government bureaucracies calling themselves the Poised For Profits Partnership (P4PP). The 12 government agencies that formed P4PP conducted tens of billions of dollars worth of ‘scientific research’ on behalf of ENERGY STAR, with the bulk of all financial benefits flowing directly to the EPA’s Billionaires Club, a group identified in a 2014 Senate Report.

Guest post by Conor Coughlin

EPA owns the ENERGY STAR brand of ‘energy efficiency’, the proverbial ‘Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs’ for the political elites, which now presents a major test of integrity for the Trump Administration. Why? Because electricity conforms to the physics of Ohm’s Law, not Rules For Radicals.

Our electrical grid system is the envy of the world, and taxpayers own a massive fiber-optic system that is the backbone of our digital economy, which are now at risk. All of this awesome power has been in the hands of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats seeking to cash-in on the Clean Energy Economy. The ENERGY STAR brand represents the largest corporate welfare program on the planet, enriching all the right people and they plan to keep it that way.

Most Americans are completely unaware that ENERGY STAR’s brand of certified ‘energy efficiency’ is generating billions of dollars in revenue for government-created non-profit groups, all marketing climate-friendly products and services exclusively to large corporations and foreign governments.

Now President Trump must decide the fate of this Pay To Play scam. Will Trump take ownership of the ‘Big Lie’ to reward his pals, or will he shut down this government-run Ponzi scheme once and for all. Trillions of dollars are at stake! Americans for the first time in decades will have a voice on this hugely important issue, because elections have consequences.

Founded on the motto “If its not ENERGY STAR, its not energy efficient”, EPA immediately set about ‘Eliminating Barriers’ and ‘Leveling The Playing Field’ of all competition to their State Owned Enterprise. Mainstream media assisted with a ‘gas-lighting’ campaign to discredit anyone questioning EPA’s Public/Private partnerships, and the ‘peer-reviewed’ science provided by radical anti-Capitalist non-profit groups.

ENERGY STAR’s big break came rather suddenly in 2009, when EPA began boasting that their products save 25-50% more electrical energy than other identical products. Apparently EPA scientist were somehow able to infused a ‘Social Justice’ component onto the electrons flowing in ENERGY STAR’s certified products that don’t exist in the rest of the universe. Or so it seems. No technological breakthroughs were involved in this miracle, only the reshuffling of words on paper were required to create this rare commodity.

The Animal Farm philosophy of “All Electrons Are Equal/ But Some Electrons More Equal Than Others” has brought great prosperity to civil society members. But now many fear mankind will return to the math and science of olden days, sweeping aside the consensus-based policies which are the centerpiece of President Obama’s legacy, and undermining his future aspirations in Venture Capitalism

President Trump must now address the single largest impediment to free markets in America, and he really only has three viable options for dealing with this issue. All three will generate intense controversy, but only one will be acceptable to the vast majority of American people.

First off, President Trump could direct EPA’s new leadership to produce a National Standard, including the mathematical formulas to verify the accuracy of energy-saving claims that will meet Unified Commercial Codes. This will be essential if President Trump follows through on plans to drain the swamp, which includes resurrecting Glass-Steagal and the repeal of Dodd-Frank to restore regulatory clarity to markets.

Second up, President Trump with a stroke of the pen could end the ENERGY STAR program, along with Obama’s Clean Power Plan, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Save Energy Now program and every other bogus utility-based ‘energy efficiency’ scam driving up electrical rates across America.

The third option is to simply change the name on the revolving-door and begin a whole new era of Pay To Play schemes, with media continuing to act as a Gate-Keeper leaving society in the dark.

Option one will surely be the preferred choice for the political class, they have most invested and the most to lose from Uniform Codes and National Standards regulating their Public/Private business. Their government lawyers could concoct some vague numbers acceptable to media experts, then have talking-heads declare the issue resolved. Except its not! WikiLeaks changed all of that FOREVER, now media moguls have less credibility than an Enron executive.

Activist have barely scratched the surface on examining the tens of thousands of emails detailing the political nature of back-room deals between radical anti-Capitalist groups and the Bankers, Big Oil and the Wall Street firms promoting Globalization. That fun has only just begun!

The second option is for President Trump to simply end all of these corrupt programs. This would appear to be the logical solution to most, but it would also generate the greatest political backlash. Having spent billions to buy the favor of politicians, gain control of bureaucracies and build Public/Private partnerships to profit from climate-friendly goods and services, the elites will go to any length to keep this Gravy Train on track.

Huge protest and violent rioting will occur from this option, but once the special interest money dries up the hysterics will subside quickly. There is no natural constituency for corrupt government!

The third option is remote, but in all fairness must be discussed. Not because it’s likely to occur, but because it’s how media is going to spin the issue regardless of fact. Pay To Play was one of the main reasons for public perception turning against Democrats, and mainstream media is desperate to create the impression that Donald Trump is just as corrupt as Crooked Hillary.

Tarnishing the reputations of all politicians is the only way media can make Democrat leaders appear normal to the public again. Media doesn’t really care which corrupt politician controls ENERGY STAR, as long as they receive their fair-share of the pie. Count on media to spin this issue to the bitter end.

Politicians may come and go, but Pay To Play is here to stay. So says the media!