You see their outrage every day in every medium.hhhYou see their deranged outrage every day in every medium. Democrats are flat out sure that Donald Trump will “destroy America”… and they are right — as far as it goes. But the particular sort of “destruction” they fear is the only thing that can actually save America.

Democrats are seriously unhinged about Donald Trump. They constantly dream up all sorts of seriously dark, doomsday proclamations about his election, and every day they move the goal posts farther revealing their mental instability and their constantly burgeoning anti-American agenda.

The left assigns all sorts of calumnies to Trump. They are sure that Trump hates minorities (even though his support among those same minorities has doubled and even tripled), he hates the law (even though he has fully worked within the law throughout his time in politics), he loves Nazis (even though he has specifically spoken against Nazis), he wants to be a dictator and will never leave office (even though he already proved both of those to be false in his first term, a term he left when he lost in 2020). And now, he will “destroy America.”

Most of that above is mere projection, granted.

In truth, they are the ones who hate minorities and want to keep them poor and in thrall on the party plantation, they are the ones who hate the law because they break it and/or ignore it whenever it gets in the way of their power plays, they are the Nazis who not only want to shut down free speech, but also want government to fully control the means of production as well as the corporate world, and they are the wannabe dictators who seek to control every aspect of our lives, take away our freedoms, and make the U.S. Constitution null and void.

But on their ultimate fearmongering claim — that Donald Trump could “destroy America” — when viewed from their point of view, they are most certainly correct.

Trump really could cause a lot of “damage,” but only if he has enough time and enough cooperation from the usually weak, slow, and recalcitrant Republicans.

Still, it isn’t really “America” Trump could destroy. Instead it is the left’s America that he would destroy.

The left’s America is not the real America. But it is their version of America, one they have mostly succeeded in turning this faltering nation into, and that is what Trump threatens.

Trump wants to empower all Americans. He wants to return us to a state of freedom. He wants to purge intrusive, fascist government regulators, he wants to lower the burden of taxes on the lower and middle classes, he wants states to retake their rightful power to govern away from the federal government, and he wants to make America work again.

The left wants none of that, and for the most part they have already eliminated all that annoying freedom we used to have. But if Trump undermines their success and turns back the clock on these things, they will most certainly feel “destroyed.”

So, from their perspective, they are right. Trump really is a threat to their fascist, anti-American agenda.

And that is why you should vote for him.

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