American citizens weren’t supposed to know about the Hemisphere program, a massive spy operation set up by the U.S. government that dates back to the era of President George H W Bush. That program was in effect when the former CIA Director, future President Bush #41, had the Dept of Energy (DOE) create his ENERGY STAR program in 1992. In 1993, President Bill Clinton used an executive order to mandate the use of the DOE’s new ENERGY STAR program by every sub-division of government, which required that all agencies purchase only EPA-approved products and services for their procurement process. It was the independent Presidential candidate Ross Perot, a Texas billionaire, who first warned voters about Bush’s “Voodoo Economics” that had already run up the federal budget deficit to $4 trillion. Media denounced Perot for virtual signaling when he claimed to not have any experience in government gridlock or creating the worst public school system in the industrialized world.

The average citizen couldn’t have known how flawed the DOE’s environmental initiatives had become because the EPA’s green schemes were being coordinated within public universities, not just in the United States, but also by Klaus Schwab, the University of Geneva (1972-2003) professor that founded the World Economic Forum back in 1971. This lowly professor had released a manifesto in 1973 calling for a Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which he claimed to be seeking a level playing field for the super-rich Socialist stakeholders in his new Public/Private economic group. Professor Schwab’s manifesto was allegedly written as a form of “Code of Ethics” for the WEF after the Club of Rome had released a book on The Limits of Growth in 1972. The Club of Rome credits an international team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for providing the computer models used to support their version of Voodoo Economics in theory. There was no way to prove that the WEF’s Public/Private partnership could accomplish its goals.

Meanwhile, the EPA coordinated with the founders of the first Earth Day celebrations, pushing the narrative that American Capitalism was responsible for global pollution. Which later became the premise for creating the non-binding U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement by Seattle’s Greg Nickels in 2005. That meaningless initiative allowed U.S. mayors to pretend they were committed to reducing GHG emissions as outlined in the U.N.’s Kyoto Protocols but were not responsible for achieving anything. By 2006, it was known that no member of the Mayor’s green initiative had achieved their emission reduction commitments despite collectively looting billions of tax dollars from budgets dedicated to serving local social programs.

The media had to bury that fact to hide the truth about their so-called experts. The elites didn’t want the world to know that three MIT graduates had recently created a software program that could detect computer-generated research papers composed of “gibberish.” Corporate media were still desperately trying to bury an earlier public relations nightmare known as the “Sokal Affair” from 1996, in which a professor presented a bogus paper to demonstrate just how easily universities would accept Junk Science. Professor Sokal showed that if a scientific research paper contained the right buzzwords and supported certain ideological preconceptions, it would fly past highly paid editors. At the same time, radical environmentalists were portraying honest scientists and engineers as Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthals for simply questioning the Settled Science presented by U.N. diplomats who had provided their own interpretation of computer-generated climate theories.

In 2013, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Springer Publishing removed more than 120 research papers utilized by universities and think tanks for years. This occurred long after President Obama’s Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, had released the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines that directed city, state, and regional governmental bodies to “estimate” electrical energy efficiency based on ENERGY STAR claims regarding their certified products. Nobody cared to ask how ENERGY STAR products had suddenly begun producing 25% to 50% more electrical energy savings over similar products because they were pushing carbon-credit trading schemes that were never designed to reduce energy consumption. The elites made their money from the illusion that higher energy costs would lower demand for coal, oil, or natural gas to generate affordable electricity. The big money was being made on the illusion of a climate crisis, not actual events.

Those green efforts were all aligned with the U.N.’s Paris Climate Deal and corrupt agencies like UNICEF that were deceptively claiming that “Weather disasters caused by climate change displaced 43 million children” from 2016 to 2021. Americans weren’t allowed to know that groups like UNOPS had formed “Profit” enterprises in 2014 and were being operated under the Code of Ethics of the WEF.

We now have shadowy groups like the Berkeley California-China Climate Institute pushing a broken global economic model while working with the U.S. Federation of Workers Cooperatives (USFWC), formed in 2004. The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy is just one of the many entities that grew out of the epic failure of the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection fiasco.

This group will be at the next UN COP 28 conference, presenting “Unlocking Urban Energy Access and poverty,” which will be popular with all the Socialist mayors. These are the strongest advocates for the Biden regime’s use of “wartime powers” to push a scheme to increase the production of electric heat pumps as if these were some new invention that the EPA recently discovered would promote social justice. Some might interpret that action as the next phase of the war on common sense.

This logic is consistent with state-owned enterprises like California’s SEI’s Climate Corps, which has provided professional development opportunities for implementing sustainability and resiliency projects with local governments, nonprofits, and for-profit businesses since 2010. The SEI Climate Corps claims to have worked with over 600 partners and 800 Fellows at agencies like the ‘Workers Ownership Initiative” to build wealth, retain quality jobs, and stabilize businesses in Los Angeles County.

The Strategic Energy Innovation (SEI) was founded in California in 1997 and has now produced its own ‘2022 U.S. Climate Ambition Report’ for the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change as if mayors had been elevated to world leaders by the U.N. to stabilize businesses and save government jobs with wealth-creation opportunities.

Bison’s new effort to ban natural gas devices isn’t an actual policy initiative; it’s more of a gimmick designed to distract the general public. These types of DOE knee-jerk policy initiatives don’t even bother to seek Congressional approval because they can never withstand public scrutiny. This is more of a smoke and mirrors effort, likely to be exposed as little more than a ‘shell game,’ similar to what has recently occurred in Germany.

Americans aren’t supposed to consider the benefits of our vast energy resources because our natural resources are considered a source of pollution to the radical professors at our universities of lower expectations. These are the same experts who would demand their corporate partners have diversity, equity, and inclusion policies to exclude critical thinking on any issue.

We’re not allowed to ask why corporate environmentalists never demanded that Communist China stop building coal-fired power plants or why the U.N. will now try to push new rules to prohibit the private financing of new coal-fired power plants. It’s almost like Socialist leaders don’t think Americans are smart enough to know that clueless U.N. diplomats and U.S. bureaucrats are only pretending to be savvy business entrepreneurs providing clean energy solutions.

The 2024 elections will soon determine if the American people are still buying into the tired old myths related to Biden’s Green New Steal.


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