The welfare of the people, in particular, has always been the alibi of tyrants: Albert Camus Warren’s Proposals

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign proposals would create a glut of federal agencies resulting in an increasingly massive and oppressive bureaucracy that will move the United States toward a socialist economy.

If enacted, her programs will create at least twenty new federal agencies–and that doesn’t include the agency to grab her a beer when she is making a youtube video, and her husband isn’t around.

What these programs represent is a big government takeover of our lives–socialism:

Per Fox News, these government takeovers of society programs include:

  1. Tenant Protection Bureau modeled after the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which would “enforce tenants’ rights, take on bad actors, and make sure landlords keep affordable housing affordable for working families.”
  2. Borrowing from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Warren would “recruit 10,000 young people and veterans to jumpstart a 21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps,” to care for natural resources and public lands, adding on a fourth division to the three that currently exist under AmeriCorps.
  3. A “Green Marshall Plan” that “includes a new federal office dedicated to selling American-made clean, renewable, and emission-free energy technology abroad and a $100 billion commitment to assisting countries to purchase and deploy this technology.”
  4. A “Green Apollo Program” that includes the creation of a National Institutes of Clean Energy in the model of the National Institutes of Health.
  5. A “labor and environmental enforcement division under the United States Trade Representative,” which would be tasked with ensuring countries the U.S. trades with engaging in sustainable environmental practices.
  6. Secure Democracy Administration to replace the Election Assistance Commission, though it would be vastly more powerful. It would provide “technical assistance and training” to states implementing Warren’s election security measures and have the power to take over election administration in states the federal government deems not in compliance with its standards.
  7. Warren would bring back the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, which was disbanded in 1995, to reduce the legislature’s reliance on tech companies and think tanks to explain how new advances in technology work and what they mean.
  8. An office in the VA dedicated to representing family members who care for veterans and ensuring they know about government resources that are available to them.
  9. A newly created Department of Economic Development which would replace the Commerce Department and subsume the Small Business Administration and the Patent and Trademark Office. It would run a Small Business Equality Fund dedicated to boosting “black, Latinx, and Native American” small business owners, produce National Jobs Strategies every four years, and oversee trade authorities like the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.
  10. An Office of Broadband Access within the new Department of Economic Development to “manage a new $85 billion federal grant” on broadband access, particularly to rural areas.
  11. A “new labor enforcement division at the USTR to more effectively enforce obligations, and embed a labor attaché at U.S. embassies to monitor compliance with our labor standards.”
  12.  A “Permanent, Cabinet-Level White House Council on Native American Affairs” like the council that was established under Obama but has “gone dead” under Trump because it was not permanent.
  13. A “New White House Budgetary Office of Tribal Affairs” within the OMB with potentially “a director’s office level Tribal officer,” to “track and advance government-wide progress” in dealings with Native Americans.
  14. A “national Office of the Public Advocate,” which would be responsible for engaging citizens as federal agencies make “important legal changes” during the “rulemaking process.”
  15. A “new U.S. Office of Public Integrity” to investigate and punish ethics violators.
  16. An Office of United States Corporations, which would require large corporations to obtain a charter from the U.S. government obligating them to “consider the interests of all corporate stakeholders – including employees, customers, shareholders, and the communities in which the company operates.”
  17. Warren plans to “reopen and expand the DOJ’s Office for Access to Justice,” a body that sought to ensure state and local defendants had access to lawyers.
  18. An “independent prosecutorial integrity unit to hold accountable prosecutors who abuse their power.” Warren also says she would change the rules concerning plea bargaining and discovery by the DOJ.
  19. Warren would restore the USDA’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration, which Trump eliminated as a standalone agency and now falls under the Agriculture Marketing Service.
  20. An Office of New Americans that would support, “new immigrants as they transition into our society and economy, and task that office to draft a national strategy for integration.”

Fauxcahontas’ move toward socialism by creaing and funding 20 more agencies increasing government control and moving our economy toward socialism will destroy the economy.  Despite what Warren says, these programs cost money, and the money will come out of taxpayer pockets—not just the pockets of the rich, but everyone’s pockets.

We know that the Trump tax cuts, along with getting rid of excessive regulation, helped to make the economy hum. Twenty new agencies will create new regulations and taxes and will slow down the economy.

Folks whether Elizabeth Warren or any of the other candidates, their election would result in bigger government and new regulations, and an authoritarian bureaucracy that will run your lives.  They will make the US take a giant leap leftward toward socialism.

That is your 2020 choice tyranny of the left or liberty of the right. I choose liberty.