By Jeff Davidson

The third anniversary of J6 passed days ago, and the Liberals who still talk to me, some of them Ph.D.’s, can’t let go. Donald Trump propagated an insurrection attempt! Trump called for the rally to overthrow the U.S. government and become dictator!

How silly.

Never Mind the Facts

Inconvenient facts abound. “Insurrection claimers” need to heed Kyle Becker’s observations below, which require less than one minute reading. They won’t spend one minute, however. They decided long ago that Trump is Hitler!

* Long before J6, the FBI illegally tracked extremists intending to attend. Based on the infamous Time magazine “shadow cabal” article, the phony narrative that Trump would incite a riot had been established as early as May 2020.

* On a widely broadcast video, within hours of the certification Trump said that he would step down. He called for peace, and law and order, in his speech and in his tweets to his supporters, who had no armaments and had plane reservations for that evening. All of which Liberals have decoded as meaning, “Overthrow the government this afternoon!”

* In advance of J6, Trump requested 10,000 National Guard troops at the Capitol. D.C. Mayor Bowser, Pentagon brass, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused, but since has been lying about it. Trump did not employ any military.

* Nearly all J6 defendants were charged with non-violent crimes and misdemeanors. The J6 committee intentionally buried tens of thousands of hours of public surveillance videos, including footage exonerating J6 defendants.


Come One, Come All

Becker continues: Court documents reveal dozens of undercover officers and FBI operatives at the Capitol riots. Capitol police officers were filmed on video. They opened doors, removed barriers, and acted cordially with protesters inside the capitol building.

* Undercover Metropolitan Police, on video, encouraged Trump supporters to “go to the Capitol.” Antifa members, on video, discarded their black clothing and ski masks and changed into garb to appear as Trump supporters and create havoc.

* Congress originally was evacuated over the RNC and DNC pipe bomb threats, and not the riot. The pipe bomber has not been apprehended despite the FBI knowing the license plate and cell phone data of the suspect.

* As the Capitol riot started, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter documented her mother saying, “I’ve been waiting for this.” Pelosi’s staff was in communication with Secret Service on J6. The Secret Service texts from J6 have now gone “missing.”

Part of the Playbook

Don’t attempt to educate anyone on the Left. They watched and re-watched the cherry-picked, highly orchestrated, J6 Committee video, complete with Oscar-level film editing and the ferocious added soundtrack. They’re not interested in the big picture; they know what they feel and what the New York Times tells them.

Once the rally was scheduled, orchestrating a J6 riot and claiming “insurrection” became the Democrat’s grand strategy, straight from “Rules for Radicals,” the Democrat playbook, by the long dead Saul Alinsky. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are staunch advocates.

Neither Trump nor any president would ever attempt an insurrection because no one wants to go down in history as having done so.

A Real Overthrow

What would it take to actually overthrow the U.S. government? Trump had legendary high approval ratings from all branches of the U.S. military. Among multi-thousands of nearby troops, he could have amassed overwhelming military force.

Joe Biden would have a difficult time attempting the same. Most of the armed forces despise him.

Trump also has impressively high approval from police forces and first responders.

With historically high popularity among combat ready troops, he could have closed airports, surrounded the Capitol with armed guards, blocked legislators, cut off communications of Democratic leaders, and ensured that no vote or certification could occur.

Endless False Narratives

Trump’s video shows that he was disappointed in the fraudulent election and clearly states that he would step down on Jan. 20, 2021. Democrats prefer that you never see this video – darn that pesky internet!

The Leftist J6 narrative is another in an incredibly long line of hoaxes and false narratives against Trump. They certainly need to cling to some tactic. Nothing is working: slandering, impeaching, indicting, and attempting to remove Trump from ballots have all increased his poll numbers. How can this be?

En masse, Americans have contempt for today’s media, and realize that reality is the exactly opposite of what the media – and the Biden administration – daily and continually claims. The mendacious mainstream media is no longer believed.

The Post-Truth Era

The press shields Democrats 24/7/365: consider Eric Swalwell bedding down a Chinese honey pot, Hillary Clinton deleting 33,000 subpoenaed emails, Dianne Feinstein employing a Chinese chauffeur spy, and more.

You want an insurrection? It happened when Biden was installed as president.



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