I write this sitting inside an airplane flying 37,000 feet over America’s heartland trying to recall everything I learned from the BlogCon meetings and all the news I read and saw since Thursday morning when I first took off from Kennedy Airport to make my way to Denver and BlogCon.  In order to catch up, and start fresh once I get home in a few hours, allow me to skip the expository comments and post some of the conclusions about  BlogCon, Occupy Denver and other news stories garnered over the past four days. Occupy’s Charlie Brown to BlogCon’s Lucy (and Other BlogCon Revelations)

  • Examine the two pictures below and see if you arrive at the same conclusions as me. The top picture is of star blogger, radio host, and cigar expert; Tony Katz and his producer Holly Bacon.

This next picture is of Breitbart TV Editor, Radio Host,and writer; Larry O’Connor and his producer Meredith Dake,

There is only one conclusion one can make from these two pictures, If you want a hot woman to sit next to you at BlogCon, you must start a radio show and hire a hot woman as your producer.

Speaking of Tony Katz, last yesterday  Fox News contributor Deneen Borrelli  gave a rousing speech about being self reliant. She mentioned her upcoming book called ‘Blacklash.” Tony who was up after Deneen joked that Borrelli stole the idea from him. To which Deneen replied, “lets see him try to get into the red dress she wears on the book’s cover.

Sadly that mental image placed in my mind by Deneen (Tony in the Dress) was traumatic and kept me up all night.

Occupy Denver is not very smart. Here is two reasons why:

  • When they first tried to get into our conference, they came in through the front door. If they really wanted to get into our discussion hall they would have scouted the place and realized if they tried to get in through the parking garage, the would have gotten in to the hotel on the second floor and could slip in without being seen.  After  the first break in, the hotel planted people by every portal in the building so it was too late.
  • We kept making fun of them and they kept falling for it.  Their first attempt at barging into the conference was met with three hundred bloggers chanting silly things like Spaghetti or Where’s the Dog?  But there is more, yesterday when Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs and Jim Hoft the Gateway Pundit.went down to their hobo village, they believed the two bloggers were trying to join them.  Jim was there for a totally different purpose, to kidnap Shelby the dog, Occupy Denver’s chosen leader.

In the video below Javier Manjarres, the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year visits the Occupy Denver protest and sees one of the protesters with a bull-horn, Javier takes the bull horn and has a little fun with the Occupiers

    Over and over during the course of the weekend the Occupiers were like Charlie Brown and the BlogCon bloggers were like Lucy fooling him again by pulling away the football at the last moment.

    That’s because FreedomWork’s BlogCon brought together the best bloggers in the country (and me) most of us have faced much worse than a smelly few.  We did not beat the Occupiers with logic that would have been impossible because most of them had no idea why they were there. But we did something that most people refuse to do, the 300 BlogCon bloggers stood up to the Occupier bullies and in the end, the bullies went away…they always do.

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