On Thursday, hateful, inappropriately named JOY Behar, co-host of ABC’s The View, said that East Palestine, Ohio residents suffering the harmful health effects of the train disaster deserved what they got because they voted for Donald Trump in the past two presidential elections.

Behar belched out, shaking her gnarled finger at the camera. And said:

“I don’t know why they would ever vote for him, somebody who, by the way, he placed someone with deep ties to the chemical industry in charge of the EPA’s chemical safety office. That’s who you voted for in that district — Donald Trump, who reduces all safety,”

Behar belched out, shaking her gnarled finger at the camera.

Behar also blasted residents for participating with photo ops with Trump when he visited on Wednesday.


You ever notice that Joyless blames everything on former president Trump? Maybe she blames him for her looks or her thin hair and having to hide the grey in her hair with Miss Clairol.

The show’s fake “conservative,” Farah Griffin, accidentally made a good point when she said that Biden is at fault, here, too, for waiting so long to address the disaster in Ohio, which consequently gave Trump the perfect opportunity to achieve this PR win. Griffin noted that it took the incompetent Pete Buttigieg ten days to mention the incident and 20 days to finally visit the site.

But leftist loon Sonny Hostin idiotically blamed small-government conservatives for the accident.

On Thursday, the NTSB delivered its preliminary findings, which said that a bad wheel bearing led to the disaster.

The agency said that the train crew was attempting to stop the train due to warnings about the bearing, but it gave way before they could. The question remains whether the train’s safety devices, sensors, and warning devices worked optimally to avoid such a problem.

This broadcast was additional proof that “The View” is the meanest show on TV and has hosts inappropriately named for such a mean cast: Joy, Whoopi, and Sonny.

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