It’s astounding when you realize that as bad as the Republican race seems to be, on the other side a woman who is under investigation by the FBI is running against an admitted socialist. Think about that for a moment, it was only twenty-five years ago that we finally won the cold war against marxist nations.  And now despite the fact the everything the Democratic Party leadership does attempts to skew the results toward Hillary Clinton, Senator[score] Bernard Sanders[/score] a guy who calls himself a socialist, a man who spent his honeymoon in the USSR, is getting a sizable amount of the Democratic Party vote.

Sadly, Bernie Sanders’ positions are not that different than those of the Democratic Party president Barack Obama, nor are they that different from Hillary Clinton’s if she bothered to be honest and didn’t have to pivot to the center for the general election.

Socialism used to be taboo, but now its the standard policy for the Democratic Party. My colleague Joe Newby has found a great example of why no matter who the candidate is we shouldn’t be voting Democrat.

When you see the video below, remember this guy is doing well in the Democratic race despite the fact that the DNC is working hard to make Hillary Clinton their nominee. And incredibly he still has the chance of being their nominee:


Guest Post by Joe Newby

Bernie Sanders, the Vermont socialist running for the Democratic Party nomination, seems to love the result of Communist rule, and in a video posted to YouTube on March 27, is seen praising bread lines in socialist countries during a 1985 interview.

Without further ado, here is the video.  In it, Sanders has lots of good things to say about Communist countries, but you can hear him praise bread lines at about the 3:20 mark:

“That’s a good thing,” he is heard saying about news that people are lining up for food.  Normally, bread lines are a sign of poverty, but these aren’t normal times.

According to Sanders, in other countries, the rich take the food and poor people starve to death.

Daily Beast columnist Michael Moynihan called his statement the “height of absurdity.”

And now, Sanders is running against Hillary Clinton and doing quite well.  Sadder still, a number of Democrats actually love socialism.  This is why the Democratic Party must be defeated at every level.

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