By Tammy Messina

I am SICK of how our Veterans Administration (V.A.) is treating our Veterans! U.S. Air Force Veteran, David Brayton, has 2 options: Double lung transplant OR die. It’s that simple. Yet the VA has this family jumping thru hoops for well over a year (I don’t even know how long). Now they’re telling them they have to MOVE to Seattle (from Los Angeles) to even get ON a transplant list (and who knows how long it will be before they actually get a match!) UCLA is around the corner and can handle the surgery. So WHY HASN’T THE VA AUTHORIZED IT???

The stress of caring for a disabled, terminally ill family member is more than most can bear. Forcing them to move to another state in order to MAYBE get the necessary surgery is unconscionable! And to do it to one of our VETS is just PURE EVIL!

These people are personal friends of ours. There are times when David is so physically not well that they can’t even make the 45 minute drive to the VA for doctor visits. Yet, the VA is going to FORCE him to do a medical air transport for “more tests”?? His condition is so severe and concentrated oxygen requirement is SO HIGH that commercial airlines will not allow him to travel! I would be one thing if the medical transport was going to wisk him into life-saving surgery. But it’s NOT. It’s going to take him up for tests, then add him to the transplant list, then wait… until there’s a match… in a hotel room. Are you kidding me?!? Folks… this is what government-run “healthcare” looks like.

There are lots of details and minutia accompanying this saga, but suffice it to say, David and his caregiver wife are being told they have to drop everything (life and livelihood) THIS WEEKEND and leave the community where they have backup support systems and a small business, and move to unfamiliar territory indefinitely.

We MUST make noise and make our government take care of those who’ve protected our freedoms. You can read more about it below. Please SHARE this article and ask everyone you know to phone, email, Tweet, Facebook the people who can stop this atrocity from happening and authorize a local transplant for the American veteran. He’s already done so much to preserve our freedoms… it’s the least we can do for him and his family.

Lainie Sloan from PolitiChicks provides additional details and links to contacts in VA leadership who can make this happen!

We’ve all heard the horror stories about the incompetency of the Veterans Administration. President Trump is fully aware of the ineptness of the VA and very recently “created an office at Department of Veterans Affairs to improve accountability” and protect whistleblowers. He added, “…we will never, ever tolerate substandard care for our great veterans.”


Unfortunately, our government bureaucracy moves slowly and while President Obama and Eric Holder were spending more time seeing how they could flood our country with refugees from the Mideast and robbing American taxpayers to support illegal aliens, another one of our valuable American heroes and his family are being subjected to the VA’s inadequacy.


This is the story of Air Force veteran, David Brayton, of Southern California, who is disabled and terminally ill until a successful transplant is completed. Right now his lungs are hardening and he will suffocate if he does not receive a double lung transplant very soon.


In December of 2015, the VA diagnosed David with “end-stage pulmonary fibrosis.” David’s wife, Courtney, has been petitioning the VA for over a year for the transplant surgery to be done locally, because there are only two hospitals in the country who are contracted with the government to perform lung transplants for veterans.


Recently, Courtney was told by an administrator at the Greater Los Angeles VA, that she would do everything she could to make sure David could have the surgery locally. Unfortunately, Ann Brown, Director of the GLA VA, who has decision-making authority, has now refused direct communication from Courtney. At this time, the Braytons are receiving calls from the Seattle hospital to schedule David’s processing and medical transport to Seattle, which means Ms. Brown has not approved the local transplant. Ms. Brown still won’t return phone calls and is “unavailable” when Courtney calls her.


David and Courtney live in Southern California where there are two local hospitals who are equipped to do the transplant when the organs become available—Cedars Sinai and UCLA. The problem is that they are not contracted with the government. President Trump has said he wants the veterans to go to any hospital they want; unfortunately, that has not happened yet.


In the meantime, the VA has told them they will have to leave their home by this Saturday, May 6, and move to Seattle to hospitalize David at one of the National Transplant Centers (NTC). He’s not even on the transplant list yet and will need to remain there until a donor match is made.


Courtney asked her congressman, Steve Knight, for help. He, in turn, contacted the Greater Los Angeles VA Director, Ann Brown, only to receive a response back stating that David is not eligible to receive care at a non-VA facility because there are only two VA hospitals in the country who will do the transplant for him. Their heads and hearts are made of stone.


What will the Braytons lives look like if they are forced to move to Seattle this Saturday, May 6, 2017?…

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You can follow the status updates on David’s VA plea on his Facebook page David B Transplant.