In what is surely the worst example of a lack of introspection (and truth), extremist left-wing loon Mehdi Hasan of MSNBC made the ridiculous claim that liberals don’t have “an actual propaganda arm” like conservatives do with Fox News.

No, stop laughing. He’s serious.

This hardcore, left-wing, extremist, thinks that the entirety of the media establishment is not “an actual propaganda arm” for the liberals.

The fact is, Fox News is a drop in the bucket of the media landscape. Meanwhile liberals own the Washington Post, the New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, and a hundred other left-wing “news” outlets.

“Imagine if liberals or the Dems had a nationwide messaging apparatus, an actual propaganda arm, which pumped out Jared Kushner’s name and alleged misdeeds daily, 100s of times. Then you start to understand the messaging imbalance in this country & how GOP gets away with so much,” this prince of liars wrote.


Hasan earned a lot of pushback, of course. Many said he is wrong and that there are a ton of propagandists for the left. Many pointed out that his entire job consists of being a propagandist for the leftist cause.

But Hasan isn’t merely wrong.

He is an abject and purposeful liar.

Still, he did get lots of pushback:


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