They don’t call him “Teflon Don” without reason. He’s always been a fighter and knows precisely what he wants to do in any given situation. Love him or hate him, it makes no difference. Yesterday after arraignment over more criminal charges, President Donald Trump “crashed” a wedding party at his New Jersey golf club to the delight of the participants. His appearance made him seem unflappable.

Unflappable Donald Trump

He joyfully shook hands with people in the crowd, the signature USA! USA! USA! Cheers broke out spontaneously. The state of New Jersey and those in the DC swamp may not like Donald Trump, but the people do. He engaged in friendly conversation, describing the bride as “totally beautiful” and speaking to the bride and groom as if nothing had transpired just before his appearance.

Hours after pleading “not guilty” Thursday afternoon at an arraignment on charges of a “conspiracy” to overthrow the results of the 2020 election, former President Trump and 2024 GOP frontrunner returned to his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. There he greeted guests of wedding.

As the former president entered the room, deafening chants of “USA” broke out

“I support Trump because he could make this all go away. All he has to do is stay out of politics and they would leave him alone, and they’ve told him that. Yet, he continues to do it, not for money, not for fame, but for the Country. Imagine if it wasn’t for the deep state, we could have the most popular President in History, the best economy, and so much more. Including NO WARS! We must make a choice, stand with him and save our Democracy, or wilt like the Romans.” @ridgemogul

Well said. The Donald is well known for stopping off at places after a challenging situation to say hello to the people. The cynics about this stop said it was to “hit on the bride.” Except that he spoke to the groom and shook his hand, telling him he wished them a great life together.

After the previous 37 count arraignment, he stopped at a Cuban restaurant to celebrate his “early birthday,” he was greeted with prayer, song, and handshakes. He is unflappable, even though his personality is rougher than any politician. Personally, I’ll take a rough personality any day over corrupt Democrats and cowardly Republicans. As more indictments come down, President Trump’s support appears to strengthen. He has been arrested, attacked, and surrounded by liars and betrayers. Though sometimes he overreacts to things, to ordinary people, he is genuine.

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