trust in public schools is cratering

According to a new Gallup Poll, Americans have less trust in the country’s educational establishment than ever. The latest Gallup survey finds that only 28 percent of respondents trust the public education system. After the union’s refusal to return to work post-covid despite an offer of extra precautions and the shutting down of parents who want to participate in their child’s education, it’s surprising the level of support is that high.

This is an incredible fall from grace, as Just the News reported:

Trust has fallen sharply since the all-time high of 62% in 1975, though it briefly rebounded to 41% in 2020. In 2021, the rate of trust fell nearly 10 percentage points to 32%, and dropped again to 28% in 2022.

The poll illustrates the differing degrees of trust held by the country’s two major political parties. Among Democrats, 43% say they have confidence in the school system, compared to just 14% of Republicans. The rate among independents is 29%.

Democrats are also losing their once invincible lock on schools, too.

Over the last few years, scattered polls have found that Republicans have started nullifying the heavy advantage Democrats used to own in education. Last November, the Washington Post noted that Republicans had nearly erased the wide gap Democrats used to enjoy on public trust in education. And only four months ago, even the New York Times warned Democrats that Republicans had gained on Democrats in the area of public trust in education.

indeed, Virginia’s new Republican Gov., Glenn Youngkin, won his seat in large part due to the massive failure that the Virginia Democrats have been for the Commonwealth’s schools, and he hit the ground running on the issue when he took office.

Things may be changing. But, sadly, it isn’t happening fast enough to keep the hundreds of thousands of teachers from quitting in the meantime.

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trust in public schools is cratering