Apparently Donald Trump only approves of negative ads when they support Donald Trump. The day after Ted Cruz released a negative ad about the Billionaire Bloviator of birtherism, “The Donald” responded by threatening a birther lawsuit.

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Of course until he took it down yesterday (so he could make this whine today), Trump had negative a commercial accusing Cruz of flip-flopping on illegal immigration.

It’s ironic that Trump who has called women bimbos, called Cruz a pussy, Bush “low-energy” (and someone who needs his mommy), called Carly Fiorina ugly—heck Trump even found a way to be nasty to Ben Carson who may be unqualified for president but is probably the nicest person running for the GOP nomination.

Earlier on Friday, “Mr. two Corinthians” accused Cruz of being a fake Evangelical Christian.

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Not knowing what is in someone’s heart I would judge the sincerity of someone’s faith.  But one thing is for sure, Donald Trump is the only person I have ever seen who believes that it is required to wave around his bible as he did in Iowa to prove he is a person of faith. Some might suggest “thou dost protesteth too much”
If waving bibles was a common practice no Jew would ever be able to run for office, Torahs can be very heavy. And if Mr. Trump doesn’t believe me about how heavy a Torah can be perhaps he can ask his  daughter now that she is a nice Jewish girl. And while he is at it perhaps Ivanka’s rabbi can teach him about the concept of Lashon Hara (evil tongue). According to the sages, Lashon Hara, slanderous talk, is a sin that has caused numerous tragedies for the Jewish people, and indeed the entire world, since the very beginning of time.  Mr. Trump happens to be an expert practitioner of  Lashon Hara.

According to Rick Tyler, Cruz’s communication guru, Trump:

“He needs to go to the time-out chair and think about his choices. That’s what you would do with any 3-year old having a Trumpertantrum,” Tyler said.

Regarding Trump’s questions of Cruz’s faith, Catherine Frazier, Cruz’s national press secretary, said, “To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, when one resorts to personal attacks, it means they have not a single political argument left.”

“As for Cruz, he will not respond in kind and will continue to focus on the substance,” she added.’

Perhaps “The Donald” should look inside himself (and maybe even pray on it). If he is the pious man he claims to be (and there is no reason to doubt him), he should be regretting the fact that he shot the top of the polls by cussing, personal attacks, and making fun of others (including the handicapped).

At the very least perhaps he should worry about his own nasty attacks before he criticizes others.