CNN viewers were so incensed with an interview of a black man who dared to support Donald Trump that they began organizing on Twitter to track the man down and attack him.

The young black man, Kevin Martin from Pennsylvania appeared on the network with Van Jones to explain why he supports the president. Kevin also noted that the extreme leftism coming out of the Democrat Party is scaring him (and the rest of the country).

“All this, kind of this, far-left talk is kind of scaring me, when it comes to the border,” the guy said, “Look, I mean, I was raised in a conservative family, and I’m in business, I’m a business consultant, and business is great. And I don’t want to lose that. And I know that a lot of the rhetoric coming out of the White House off Twitter, is concerning, but putting personal feelings aside, I think that we’re having a great economic boom, I mean, people are risking their lives to come here.”

Mr. Martin is so right. Trump has been one of the bests presidents ever for the business sector. And he has presided over the lowest unemployment rate for blacks and other minorities in U.S. history.

So, what was the reaction of CNN’s viewers? Were they tolerant of Kevin Martin’s opinion?


Usually, liberals call anyone who disagrees with them “racist.” But  Kevin Martin is an African-American they can’t get away with that. But they also couldn’t feign tolerance and accept that this man had a right to his viewpoint. So CNN’s viewers began gathering on Twitter in an attempt to track the guy down and harras him.



Man those liberals are so tolerant!


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