Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin is suggesting that illegal aliens should be allowed to vote and he does not want local voters to have a say in the matter.

Durbin is not back bencher, either. He is the second-highest ranking Democrat in the Senate and serves as the majority whip. So, what he says is not fringe chirping, but is coming from Democrat Party leadership.

In a letter sent to Biden, Durbin is demanding that all illegals be immediately made citizens with all the rights that would entail. And he wants it to be done by fiat, not through the voting booth.

“We urge your Administration to take all available actions to streamline pathways to lawful status for undocumented immigrants,” Biden and most of the rest of the Democrats in the Senate say in their list of demands.

Durbin adds that deporting illegals “would devastate the American economy and destroy American families”… you know, as if those deported are Americans, and all.

The letter outlines a series of steps that Durbin wants the federal government to take to fast track all illegals to legal citizenship. And he wants it all to be done by the Biden administration through regulatory fiat, not by presenting the idea to the American people for their approval.

Durbin has no interest of love for democracy. He wants the government to make autocratic decisions and take despotic actions.

Folks, this is what is at stake in Nov.

You don’t have to love, or even like Donald Trump to understand that a vote for anyone but him will give Durbin the power to make millions of law-breaking illegals automatic U.S. citizens who will vote Democrats into power in perpetuity.

If you vote against Trump, you vote against the U.S.A.

It really is that simple.

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