Guest Post By Joe Newby

Ever since the tragic terror attack against a gay nightclub in Orlando, liberals have bent over backwards blaming everyone and everything except the Islamic terrorist who actually committed the crime.  They’ve targeted the Second Amendment, white people, Christians, males — you name it.

They want to get rid of the Second Amendment, secretly strip Americans of their Constitutional rights, even ban all white people from the country.

As Rush Limbaugh said earlier Wednesday, the reason is simple — they hate you, and they hate you more than they hate the Islamic terrorists who kill Americans in cold blood.  And for that matter, they hate everyone to the right of Josef Stalin.

They hate America, they hate the Constitution, they hate freedom of religion (except for one specific religion, that is) and they hate the Second Amendment.  They especially hate everyone who loves America and loves the Constitution.

Instead of focusing on the real issue, they want to ban freedom and exercise control over every aspect of your life.  Then there are some, like this guy, who wants to see every member of the NRA dead.  And he’s running to be Mayor of Richmond, Virginia.

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I have a better idea.  Let’s banish the liberals to the Islamic hell-hole of their choice for, say, 25 years.  After all, as Donald Trump and others have said, they love Islamic terrorists more than fellow Americans who hold a different political point of view.  So maybe we should do them and us a favor by sending them someplace they’ll no doubt appreciate and love more than the U.S.

After all, they want a country where every thought, word and deed is controlled by the central authorities and never is seen nor heard a Christian word, so why not?

If they manage to survive that period of exile and have come to love and appreciate the American people and the freedoms we enjoy, we might consider letting them back, provided they can prove their new-found love for the nation.

Why not?  If ideas like this are good enough for the left, why not for the right?  Liberals love to toss ideas like this out there, but fail to realize these kinds of things cut both ways.

Of course, I’m just being sarcastic.  Still, if ideas like this are what it takes to get liberals to stop their stupid nonsense, then so be it.

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