This is why Libs don’t like Thomas Sowell — he slaughters their sacred cows and then burns them on the altar of truth.

The Libs are livid that the Supreme Court has ruled that colleges can’t be racist in their admissions process anymore.

At the end of the last session, the Court ruled that using race to favor black and Hispanic applicants and discriminate against Asian and white students goes against the equal protection clause.

It’s important to note that the case against Harvard and the University of North Carolina was that they were putting their thumbs on the scales. The schools lowered the standards for black and Hispanic students with SAT scores, so the playing field was not level. This is what the Left calls “equity.”

This use of “equity” could itself be argued to be racist by implying that black and Hispanic students aren’t capable of achieving the standard, so it must be lowered for them.

In this collection of throwback clips from the 90s, the brilliant economist and political commentator Thomas Sowell explains why affirmative action fails minority students.

Sowell says diversity incentives and race-based admissions ensure that many students aren’t being streamed into schools where they will flourish. Instead, they are put in schools where some will have difficulty keeping up, just to meet some schools’ ideas of what “diversity” looks like.

“Someone who could get a first-rate education at a good college ends up getting a third-rate education at a top college — or ends up flunking out altogether,” Sowell explained.


The achievement gap problem doesn’t begin in college — it starts in elementary school.

And let’s face it, not all public schools are created equal.

Education Watchdog Points Out Three Big Myths About Public Schools

There is no way that consistent learning deficits from K-12 can be made up in a few months when young adults are suddenly dropped into the deep end at a top college. Those deficiencies in learning are not the students’ fault.

It has long been an issue that public, inner-city schools often fail their students. This, we are told, “disproportionately” affects black and Hispanic students, but it seems that the Left’s devotion to teachers’ unions has rendered them incapable of addressing the persistent issues with simple fixes like firing bad teachers, removing the activists that favor indoctrination over education, and offering school vouchers so that parents can take their kids out of failing schools.

We have seen examples of schools that are simply not educating kids. Some schools in Baltimore are pushing students through to graduate high school without being literate. A report earlier this year said that only 20% of Maryland students are proficient in math — and only 7% in Baltimore. That same report said that in 23 Baltimore City schools, zero students were proficient in math at their grade level. (Links for these reports are at the bottom of this article.)

How will those kids survive in college if they don’t have the basic skills they will need?

While Joy Reid can prattle on about how she only got to Harvard because of affirmative action (which we all knew, by the way) and how necessary race-based admissions are, all that does is shut off the conversation that really needs to happen — we need school choice.

A former President with a slight orange tint once said that school choice is the civil rights issue of our time. And you know what? He’s right.

While the activist Left wants to (unsurprisingly) use racism to support their racism,  it won’t just be the black and brown kids “disproportionately” affected — all students will suffer.


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