A report by the Wall Street Journal reveals what anyone with sense knew from the beginning, that woke “diversity” does not help corporate success in the least.

This lunacy all started back in 2015 with management consulting firm McKinsey made the absurd, woke claim that getting rid of white people and hiring on the basis of grievance categories to bring “diversity” to management was an absolute guarantee of success, growth, and would make every company that put it into effect near instantly super rich.

Turns out, all the hooplah was all just a bunch of left-wing lies. After more than five years of wide implementation, none of McKinsey’s claims seem to have been borne out in practice.

Per the paper: “Since 2015, the approach has been tested in the fire of the marketplace and failed. Academics have tried to repeat McKinsey’s findings and failed, concluding that there is in fact no link between profitability and executive diversity. And the methodology of McKinsey’s early studies, which helped create the widespread belief that diversity is good for profits, is being questioned.”

McKinsey is standing by its claims, though recently tried to modify it a bit to tamp down expectations. Yet, it’s all still just leftist doggerel and not reality based.

“Academics can’t replicate McKinsey’s study precisely, because it keeps secret the names of the companies it used. But a paper published this year finds that McKinsey’s methodology doesn’t show benefits from diversity for S&P 500 companies for a range of profitability metrics. It isn’t that a lack of diversity is good for profits either, it’s just there’s no link,” the Journal notes.

The truth is, the markets and the results seen by those companies who went all in for “diversity” have simply NOT realized the great benefits that the promulgators of “diversity” have said they would.

Is anyone really surprised by this?

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Of course, in the beginning, it never had a thing to do with investing or improving corporate profits or culture. It was always about pushing the left-wing agenda. They were lying from the beginning, and purposefully so.

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