Sunny Hostin doesn’t actually care about the migrants, it’s all about politically attacking President Donald Trump.

Sunny Hostin: “I don’t care what Obama did!” Hostin continued. “I care what Trump is doing right here right now!”

In other words, “we got away with it, stop bringing it up now.” Can you imagine any conservative commentator being called out for such blatant hypocrisy and just blowing it off like it didn’t matter?

Daily Wire:

Leftist Sunny Hostin admitted on Wednesday that she does not care about the poor treatment the Obama administration gave to migrants because she only cares about what the Trump administration is doing.

In a segment on ABC’s “The View” talking about the recent incident where tear gas was used on migrants who threw rocks at U.S. Border Patrol agents, conservatives Abby Huntsman and Meghan McCain highlighted the media’s hypocrisy in their coverage for largely ignoring worse actions from the Obama administration. NewsBusters reports:

Citing the National Review, Whoopi began by pointing out that the conservative outlet argued that when President Obama tear-gassed illegal immigrants crossing the border, no one made a fuss like they are doing now in the media. But co-host Joy Behar was reticent to believe that Obama did such a thing. More

I detest the constant use of the word “democracy” when describing our republic just as I detest the use of the word migrant to describe these invaders.

Twitter chimes in:


Well maybe the point is that Joy B. needs pictures because she can’t read.

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