This week Liz Mair joined the ranks of people who have suffered at the hands of the Trumpster thugs. When somebody says anything about their messianic figure that they don’t agree with, the Trumpsters unmercifully swarm with hatred, like killer bees. The Trumpsters have adopted the favorite tactics of the progressives, they rarely argue with facts, instead they call people vile names. If they argued with facts they would be reasonable people.But that’s not their approach. I have seen words such as c*nt, bitch, slut, idiot, and liar more out of the keyboards of Trumpsters in the past few weeks, than my previous twenty years on the internet…combined.

As for myself, I have received comments calling me things such as kike, hymie, Christ-killer, and Jew-Bastard when I have criticized Trump (note to the nasty Trumpsters, while I am a  Jew, thankfully I also have a father so there is no way I am a Bastard). They never reverse themselves when I write a post saying that their hero was treated unfairly such as the post earlier this week when I criticized a Washington Post reporter for falsely claiming that Donald Trump tried to “hit on” her, or when I objected to people comparing Trump to Hitler.

When the media talks about the way our political discourse has slipped into the sewer they are generally talking about the candidates, but the words coming out of the candidates are benign compared to what comes from their supporters.  In a rare story for the MSM, MSNBC reported about the attacks on Liz Mair:

Mair is in Trump’s crosshairs — albeit obliquely — after her group attacked Trump via an ad that used an image of a nude-and-handcuffed Melania Trump, the Republican front-runner’s wife, from a 2000 photo shoot. The candidate blamed the ad on Ted Cruz’s campaign, but his supporters traced it to Mair anyway — and her mom, too.


“She woke up and there was a very, very nasty threatening voicemail from somebody who’s a Trump supporter. She’s going to make a decision about a police report,” Mair told MSNBC. “I’ve already had to file a police report about a Trump supporter who threatened to behead me.”


Mair is just one of the many who have spoken out against Trump and been harassed for it. Her home address was later published online by one of his supporters, she tweeted.


As Trump routinely tweets attacks at his rivals that are then seen by his 6 million Twitter followers, others take it further: Ganging up, harassing and threatening his critics online and in person for weeks and months on end. They adopt Trump-like insults — his critics are often “losers” — and routinely publish and circulate private information, just as Trump did last summer when he read rival candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number aloud on live television.

This is not normal.  Last night I had a twitter conversation with a female Trumpster who said nasty things about Ted Cruz’s wife. My first tweet pointed out to her that Ted Cruz had nothing to do with the nude Melania Trump ad, and that she never met Cruz’s wife so how could she say those personal nasty things about her.  When she continued with the attacks I reminded her that her twitter description said she was a devoted mommy, and asked how would she feel if her children spoke the way she was speaking.  Instead of answering me…she blocked me.

Trumpsters never accept the truth, whenever a post or tweet provides evidence that reflects poorly on Mr. Trump, even their chaste responses include accusations of deliberately lying, or being in bed with some other candidate.  Since he entered the race I have been accused of being in bed with Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, and the entire Republican establishment (Three points here, the only person I am in bed with is my wife, the names mentioned above are all men-even if I wasn’t married I don’t swing that way and wouldn’t be in bed with another man, finally I never met this nefarious Republican establishment group-but I assume it consists of many people, I do not own a bed large enough to be in bed with the entire GOP establishment).

Liz Mair sent me this today and gave me permission to share with my readers:

Donald Trump continues his toddler-like temper tantrum over an ad that came down as originally scheduled last Tuesday. The ad features a photo of his wife that anyone with Google and 10 free seconds could have found at numerous sites well before the ad ran, and for which she willingly posed, apparently on the Trump plane we are told as some sort of Trump promotional stunt that Donald presumably was supportive of until this week.


If Donald Trump wants the ad to quit getting attention– and he probably should, since his own supporters seem to take a much dimmer view of Melania having posed for the shot in question than either I or the voters we targeted with the ad do– then he should shut up. The only reason the ad is continuing to get the attention it is, is because Donald keeps talking about it. Of course, that’s not surprising to us: They obviously didn’t teach common sense at Wharton when Trump was there, and this guy is manifestly too dim and immature to be trusted with the nuclear launch codes.


If Trump were a credible, responsible, mature human being, instead of continuing to whine about this ad, he’d discourage his supporters from doing what they have been doing– and that is threatening me and my family with violence and seeking to enable others who would perpetrate it. The fact that he can’t and won’t is a sad commentary on this overgrown toddler who thinks he wants to be President and is now using a $300 ad spend as a pretext for continuing his campaign’s weeks-long efforts to bogusly smear the wife of another candidate around whom Republicans nationwide are rallying.


Obviously, we have no regrets about running the ad, and may even run some more over-the-top ones we’ve been considering, mostly just to annoy Trump and show Americans that he really is too thin-skinned, whiny, weak, and wimpy to stand up to even your average third world dictator’s daughter’s My Little Pony. Trump may like what comes next even less, but of course, as a completely independent SuperPAC, we don’t answer to him or Ted Cruz.”

Whether or not one agrees with the advertisement featuring Melania Trump Liz’s superPac created is a moot issue, it’s too late (besides to be perfectly honest, while both men married women who are easy on the eyes, neither wife can hold a candle to mine) . The has been created and has run, it wasn’t created by anyone associated with Cruz or any other candidate and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it now. As someone who spent 30 years in the advertising business, I can assure you that if the ad isn’t effective in changing peoples minds about a perspective Trump presidency, it won’t run—it’s as simple as that.

The only remaining substantive issue raised by the ads is the vitriol that comes from Mr. Trump, his campaign, and his supporters. If the Trumpsters reaction was “hey it’s not fair to bring wives into the campaign,” they would have scored points.  Just as Senator Cruz did when Trump started attacking his wife.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.20.54 AM
But that’s not how Donald Trump or his followers reacted, which showcases one of the reasons why IMHO Donald Trump will never be POTUS. You see, if they debated the issues based on facts they may swing some voters to his side. But by spewing their putrid venom, they are not only alienating the Republicans they will need should Trump get the nomination, but are creating a gender gap so “yuge” that it guarantees he would lose to Hillary Clinton in a general election.