Biden has given Kamala Harris (the alleged Vice President) a new job: gun control czar. She has effectively stopped the border crisis, with only 10,000 migrants per day recently crossing the Rio Grande. Oh, and don’t forget she’s also supposed to ride herd on AI developments. An

US Space projects. (Stop laughing. She’s not funny, but I suspect she’ll find a way to giggle about “gun violence.”) Because it has nothing whatsoever to do with compassion: it’s the gun control agenda to disarm law-abiding citizens.

The Office of Gun Violence Prevention has a budget of $5 Billion, and as we’ve previously reported, it will include anti-gun activists as its makeup. The serious problem is that this administration targets law-abiding citizens rather than the criminals. And the new office – which is Executive level – will be led by Harris and coordinated by Michael Bloomberg. Both are extreme gun control advocates.

The other day, Biden stated, “If you need 80 shots in a magazine, you shouldn’t own a gun.”  He’s been on that high horse for years. He gripes about “large capacity” magazines regularly. (Only recently has he learned that they are magazines, not ‘clips’ as he previously stated). It’s all part of the agenda to ban “assault weapons” – the vague and ridiculous label Democrats use to destroy the gun industry.

They haven’t stopped at the new gun control czar or the Office of Gun Violence Prevention. As you’ve read, this last two years, the Biden administration has 1) revoked hundreds of FFLs simply for minor clerical errors, 2) changed significant rules like the pistol brace so that more people can be listed as felons, 3) placed an anti-gun advocate as the Director of the ATF, 4) used vicious tactics with armed agents to intimidate law-abiding citizens into giving up their 2nd Amendment rights…and the list goes on.

While Kamala Harris is generally about as effective as Minnie Mouse, the gun control czar job could prove very dangerous to the 2nd Amendment based only on the driving forces behind her.


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