Guest Post By Joe Messina

The Liberals must be extremely desperate. You’ve heard that politics is a dirty game. This year, or this cycle, we seem to have both barrels filled with fecal matter!

Liberals continue to accuse Trump and the Right with horrendous allegations that they are the elitists, haters of average Americans, haters of refugees or immigrants, and haters of women!

Where to start so much hypocrisy and so few allotted words?

Elitists? Racists? Really? In the emails released around the Democrat National Convention (DNC) along with the many posts showing what DNC staffers say about the more socio-economically challenged Americans, they must have been talking about themselves.

In an email between Scott Comer, the DNC’s finance chief of staff and LGBT finance director, and Zachary Allen a Democrat campaign consultant with TIPAH Consulting, Allen makes fun of LaQueenia Gibson’s name saying:  “LaQueenia is a NAME! … I’m sorry, boo. I hope you got a raise with this title.” According to a Federal Election Commission (FEC) 2015 report it shows Allen was paid $10,500 for “Fundraising Consulting.” Yes, he’s a more than a little involved with the Democrats.

Let’s not forget the “Taco Bowl Connection.” No. It’s not a Hispanic culinary class. It was actually a term used by the DNC staffers to describe their interaction and plan to work with Hispanics in emails turned over about activities leading up to the DNC. This is acceptable how? Never mind. This is acceptable because they are Democrats and the Dems are pretty much absolved from anything they say or do. I’m wondering if it’s because they are so self-righteous and dishonest that they can really see the dishonest narrative they are trying to sell. If any Republican even thought about this term he would have been crucified for days in the media. Equality my butttttttttttttttt! Not one word about racism in the mainstream media.

I’m thinking the Clintons do have medical mental issues. Maybe Alzheimers or dementia. Billy has been out running around stating that Trumps slogan “Make America great again” is proof of his racism and the racism of his followers. Bill said that’s Trumps slogan was well understood by people in the south. He stated. “That message…America great again is if you’re a white Southerner, you know exactly what it means, don’t you. What it means is I’ll give you an economy you had 50 years ago and I’ll move you back up on the social totem and other people down.” Hmmm. Who might the other people be? Is he saying Southerners are racist and confirming that fact to other Americans. Maybe he thinks Southerners are too stupid to know what Trump is doing.  Maybe he is just afraid of the closing gap in polls and that people are seeing what Hillary is really all about. He goes on to say “it means ‘I’ll make it great the way it was 50 years ago’ but ignores two things,” the former president said. “First of all, it wasn’t so great for a lot of people 50 years ago. If you were African American, if you were Latino, if you were a first-generation immigrant, if you belonged to some religions and if you were gay, forget about it. “It just wasn’t so great for some people.”

Wow! How does he get all that out of a slogan? 50 years ago? Really? You left out how bad women have been treated. I’m surprised! Not really. Trumps actions in his business blow all of that out of the water. He hires all kinds of qualified people for the jobs he needs done. ALL KINDS and pays them according to their qualifications… not gender or color.

Billy, your crime bill made it worse for African Americans. And you weren’t president 50 years ago and I believe it was your wife that called young black men “Super Predictors” not Mr. Trump.

Didn’t you, Billy, use the slogan yourself?  In 1991 when you were beginning your campaign against George H.W. Bush you said “I believe that together we can make America great again” was that secret code to those white southern voters that I’ll give you an economy you had 50 years ago and I’ll move you back up on the social totem and other people down” or again, as the Left always does when a Dem says it means something different than when a Republican says it. You went on to use that phrase in several speeches you gave up until your win.

In 2008 you thought, hey! It worked before, let’s see if we can get the South to rise again. In an ad for your wife’s campaign you said “It’s time for another comeback, time to make America great again.” So what happened according to your logic was the white southerner was slipping in stature and needed another lift? So again I say, if black is black and white is white then you are as much a racist as you claim Mr. Trump to be and for all the exact same reasons.

Mr. Clinton’s compassion for refugees seemed to waver when he started his own presidency. His campaign pledge NOT to allow Haitians to come here seeking asylum simply because they were hungry (they were trying to get in to the US under Bush by the thousands because of the turmoil in their country at the time.) Then within 10 days of taking his oath he said he was going to suspend that and allow them in. Then shortly after taking office and after actually having a Haitian refugee assistance group working with his transition team he gave a strongly worded radio address aimed, according to the New York Times, “directly to Haiti and Haitian communities in the United States, Mr. Clinton said that Haitians who left by boat would be intercepted and returned to the Haiti. He went on to state that he would enforce current US immigration policy, which prevents Haitians escaping poverty — but not those fleeing political persecution — from seeking asylum in the United States.”

Why wasn’t he called unfeeling? Or a Haitian hater? Because that’s a clear double standard!

I could write VOLUMES on the Clintons blatant disregard for women and women’s rights but you can go to my web site and read those

The Left must be very desperate. The more money Hillary spends to fight Trump the smaller the gap gets between them. The more she talks, the smaller the gap gets between them. The more the Dems forget their past and pounce on Trump the stronger he gets…

It’s the Democrat Party that finds itself at a crossroads much more than the Republicans.

How about we really Make America Great Again and put a Republican in the White House.

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