On January 23rd, 2006 this blog opened for business which makes Saturday my 10th Blogiversary (that’s 70 in dog years). Back then it was called Yidwithlid. But eventually I discovered  Yidwithlid said to potential readers that only Jewish articles were posted here. Well that and Daniel Pipes drilled me a new one, saying the title was pejorative and an indication the prose wasn’t serious. I didn’t mean to be pejorative (okay sometimes my posts aren’t serious, but most of the time they are very serious).

Back then the blog looked like this, not the great new look it has today thanks to the folks at Liberty Alliance.

Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

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The number 10 is an important number in the Jewish faith.  In order to say certain prayers a minyan is needed thats ten people. At Mount Sinai God gave man the Aseret ha-Dibrot, translated as the ten utterances, known to gentiles as the ten commandments (you have to wait for an explanation for the difference in terms until Shavuot).  In B’resheet (What the Torah calls Genesis, it is the first word in the the first book of the Torah it means “In the beginning”) if you count the generations mentioned in the after creations, there were ten generations from Adam to Noah, and the ten generations from Noah to Abraham. There were ten plagues that God brought upon the Egyptian people, and ten miracles that He performed for His people to save them from those plagues. God challenged the Jewish people with ten tests in the desert.

But perhaps the most blog-worthy number ten in the Torah also occurred in B’resheet it happened when God was about to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham argued with the Lord. First he got God to agree not to destroy Sodom if there were fifty good people in the city, he went on to lower the number to 40, then 30, then 20. Finally he argued God down to agreeing not to destroy the city if there were as few as ten good people living there.

That section of the Bible provides a lesson about blogging try to follow every day.  If Abraham could be can argue with the omnipotent creator of the universe to try and save ten good people, a lower person like me can follow his example and challenge the power in government to try and save the people of America.

In 2006 a good day saw 75 readers, today that is about ten minutes (not including the RSS Feeds, Facebook and the emailing list). Now a good day can be 2-300 times that.

This is the 13,135th post since that first day (there’s no way to report total traffic as I didn’t start keeping records till the site was about a year old and with the switch over last year the earlier records were rendered obsolete.

Enemies have been made, usually by defending others. More important is the long list of friendships created only through the efforts of creating this site. So many others have invested the time to teach me so much–there is so much more to learn.

Whether this is your first time to this site or whether it is your 13,135th time, it is impossible to express my appreciation for the fact that you have taken a part of your busy day to read what is written here.

As it is the tradition of Blogiversaries here at The Lid,  below is the first post ever written for this site.

It was called, The First Post and Spielberg

Hi All


Forgive me as I have jumped into this blog game kind of late. First let me answer the most obvious question. I am Jewish and I wear a Kippah, hence the name Yid With Lid. There are times when I just feel like ranting and raving so I will just do it here. Hopefully you will find those rants entertaining.


Munich: The Real Assassins.


Last night Discovery Channel ran a documentary that featured interviews with the real assassins who went after the Palestinian Terrorists who ran the Olympic Massacre. Once again it show that the Spielberg film is a fraud. Why would the Director who created Shindler’s List make a movie that is blatantly anti-Israel, and worse yet is based on a fraud? That’s right folks, the guy who wrote the book that Spielberg based his movie on claims to have first hand knowledge…he claims to be the head of the Mossad hit squad. Only one problem, he was NEVER IN THE MOSSAD.


So what do you think? Is Spielberg creating a new movie genre? Will his next book be based on Clifford Irving’s fraudulent autobiography of Howard Hughes? Or those Fake Hitler Diaries that were published in Germany a few years ago?


Pat Robertson says no. The movie Munich was just God’s way of punishing Spielberg for the movie 1941.


What do you think?

Okay enough reminiscing, it’s time to put the sappy stuff aside and write some real posts.

Thanks for visiting! I will be back on Sunday