Today, 5/2 The Lid Radio Show will have two great guests; Peter Roff, Contributing Editor at US News & World Report; and my good friend Tami Jackson Blogger, radio star and former radio partner   So be sure to tune in at 2pm Eastern by clicking on these SHR Media network or High Plains Talk Radio links.


WS5Xkd_HOur 2pm guest is Peter Roff is a U.S. News & World Report contributing editor and longtime observer of the Washington scene. Formerly senior political writer for United Press International he writes about public policy for a number of publications and for public policy groups including Asian Forum Japan, where he is a visiting scholar, and Frontiers of Freedom, where he is a senior fellow. He has been published widely and appears weekly on One America News’ “The Daily Ledger.” You can follow him on Twitter: @PeterRoff, and you can read his US News & World Report columns by clicking here


TamiJacksonNew-e1462191619325Our guest at 2:30 is my close freind, Tami Jackson. Tami is the Host of her own radio show on the 405 Radio Network, Executive Editor of, Editor of, Editor-In-Chief of, Social Media/Content/Marketing for Robar Guns, and
Social Media Marketing Director for Ride the Thunder Movie.

As a native Oregonian who has seen her beautiful state be overrun by progressives, Tami talks common sense, First Principles and the Constitution…and NEVER apologizes for one word; NEVER apologizes for this exceptional country!

Follow Tami on Twitter @Tamij and on Facebook by clicking here.


Today’s show at 2PM EDT on Monday is going to GREAT, so make sure to listen clicking on the SHR Media network link.  And while I’m interviewing Peter and Tami, come into the chat room and ask questions or comment.

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