Mark Schaftlein was out of town, and he trusted me to guest host the Schatlein Report On Thursday.  Yes, I wore pants, as did our guest Ed Morrissey the Senior Editor at Hot Air. the lid hosts schaftlein report

The episode was named “The Manchin Chronicles – Your Favorite Holiday TV Show.” The topics we discussed included:

1) Has Harris Flopped as A VP?  The liberal NY Times says she flopped – She probably didn’t read it because she was busy fixing the border crisis…Nah!

2) Biden-Manchin, Who Misled Who Biden said Manchin said he misled Biden – It wasn’t true, and the White House walked it almost immediately.  Does Biden have a truth problem?

3) How will West Virginia respond to Manchin’s “no” on the reconciliation bill.  His own Democratic Party is going after him.  The GOP has been asking him to switch parties.  Will he switch?  Become an Independent and caucus with the Republicans or stay where he is?

4) Tomorrow is Christmas Eve – Everyone Talks about their favorite Christmas songs or favorite Christmas movies, we discuss our favorite Christmas episodes of TV Shows, and what was the worst holiday special ever?  The worst ever was a very easy decision.

For more of Ed Morrissey, go to Hot Air every day.  He hosts his own radio show Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm eastern, and you can usually find me in the chat room.  For Salem VIP Gold members (I am one), Ed does a really fun video chat Wednesdays at 1:30 pm ET with Bearing Arms’ Cam Edwards.  And Wednesday nights, he’s a guest on the Hughniverse Aftershow with another friend Duane Patterson.

Make sure to watch/listen to Mark’s program every Monday-Thursday.  It’s always great, but to be honest, it’s a little more extraordinary when I am on-and that’s my expert opinion.  You can watch the Schaftein Report on the show’s website or on the Schaftlein Report’s Facebook page, which can be found by clicking here.  You can listen to every show on Apple Podcasts here, Audible Podcasts by clicking here, or iHeart Radio at this URL.  But to watch Thursday’s show with Ed and me, just click on the video player embedded below:



the lid hosts schaftlein report