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The Green Sports Alliance is not a working agreement between the Boston Celtics, NY Jets, and Philadelphia Eagles.  It was conceived and founded by Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Inc. and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to help sports teams, venues and leagues enhance their environmental performance. This Obama Administration partner in the ‘greening’ of America’s sport venues deserve some long over-due recognition of their many efforts and possibilities, which for some unexplained reason mainstream media refuses to acknowledge. 

President Obama recently secured a nice little book deal, so maybe he can hopefully fulfill his dreams of becoming a venture capitalist or owner of an NBA franchise when he leaves office. Silicon Valley titans claim Obama has what it takes to become a true captain of industry, but then again they also thought “Clock Boy” was a genius.

Sports, Venture Capitalism and Social Justice sounds like the perfect vehicle to transform this former ‘community organizer’ into America’s “Entrepreneur In Chief”. Media is giddy with excitement over his prospects of becoming America’s first post-president billionaire, something Bill “Robin Hood” Clinton with his many foundations has yet to achieve. 

The Green Sports Alliance was conceived and founded by the Seattle Seahawks, Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Sounders FC, Seattle Mariners, Seattle Storm, Vancouver Canucks and the Natural Resources Defense Council with support from Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Green Building Services and Milepost Consulting (notice it’s comprised of teams from the leftist west coast).

Like all EPA business ventures, the Green Sports Alliance seeks to bring the green to our nation’s industries, and pro sports has huge potential for market transformation. Because nothing enhances that game-day experience like lawyers, especially those dedicated to making big money forcing social justice into what was once a family-friendly environment.

No one is more qualified to deliver quality brand-named green to sports fans than the NRDC. As a founding partner in the Bonneville Environmental Foundation they played a major role in turning the EPA ‘s corrupt ENERGY STAR brand of ‘government energy efficiency’ into multi-billion dollar industry for the political elite. So when in doubt, sports leagues and schools naturally decided to go with a proven leader in brand recognition. There simply is no competition!

Media isn’t likely to ever report on this green non-profit, at least not for it’s environment stewardship or support of athletic achievements. Instead journalist will focus strictly on their political activities in the Social Justice arena, and whatever is the official progressive agenda of the day.

Today’s message of dope & change comes from NFL’s Colin Kaepernick, but it has nothing to do with sitting during the playing of our national anthem. That’s just another ‘shiny object’ media presents to distract from the real issue.

No, Obama clearly stated what the real issue is, starting a conversation on Colin’s bizarre plan for ‘community policing’. Colin believes that lawyers should replace the police in protecting our communities, because apparently lawyers are highly respected and trusted by communities of color.

Normally, I would pass this off as some insane drivel by an attention-seeking moron. But these are not normal times, literally trillions of dollars are at stake if Hillary Clinton loses this election. This nonsense is designed to distract, a classic case of the Democrat philosophy ‘Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste’.

However, I believe that we should call their bluff this time. Let’s see if Progressives actually have the courage to demonstrate true leadership on this issue of ‘community policing’, and allow us all to judge the real-world outcomes of their delusional propaganda campaigns.

I propose that Americans compromise with Progressives in this one instance, for this one issue. We could conduct a small-scale experiment during the NFL’s 2016-2017 season, in which lawyers would replace police officers in all the cities with NFL teams until after the Super Bowl.

Of Course, it would need to be a purely voluntary effort. One in which every lawyer is mandated to participate by federal law, or face severe sanctions and disbarment for bigotry of some sort. We’ll trust Colin to come up with the exact legal language for punishing the haters.

To ensure the safety of innocent citizens, absolutely no guns will be allowed in the ranks of the lawyer-warriors forming the thin Green-line. All would be paid a fair wage of $15 per hour, but they must purchase their own police clothing and safety equipment.

This will be great! Lawyers for the NRDC, Center for Biological Diversity and Sierra Club could prove their worth to society by finally interacting directly with communities of color. Once people get accustomed to policing by predominantly white attorneys, peace and prosperity will surely return to the neighborhood.

In between settling bar fights and gang turf-wars, the new-age public servant can counsel intercity youth on how to access their Fair Share of ‘government energy efficiency’ from Obama’s dynamic green industry. Or provide the inspiration to become the next Venture Capitalist for Social Justice.

As for the police departments in those NFL cities, they and their families should be sent out of area to reflect upon their futures. Preferably somewhere with a low-stress environment, and Palm trees to assist in their spiritual recovery. Oh course, these sabbaticals will be paid for by the NFL as a hedge in the unlikely event that Colin’s plan ends in total disaster. Then the pro’s would be well-rested, and ready to take over for the second-string.

Let’s hear it from the sports fans. Who’s ready to watch some professionals play football, and community policemen!

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