Want more proof that the FBI is too corrupt to fix and stopped being about law enforcement and is the Democrat Party’s Stasi? We now know that the Agency knew that the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden the entire time and hid the truth from the public and Congress.

The FBI knew of the existence of the laptop since Oct. of 2019 and knew it was authentic from the beginning, according to an agency whistleblower.

A memo written early in 2020 by IRS Criminal Investigation official Gary Shapley shows that the FBI was aware of the laptop and knew of its contents.

This memo also proves that the 2020 letter written by 51 crooked “security officials” was built on lies and that all of these officials knowingly lied to help Biden win the election.

Per the Daily Mail:

Shapley and his subordinate, who both recently became whistleblowers to Congress, believe that almost three years later they still haven’t received all the data on the hard drive – which could incriminate not only Hunter but his father too.

Shapley told lawmakers that his document, dated October 22, 2020, memorialized a meeting that day with his IRS Criminal Investigation team, FBI cyber forensics experts, and a team of prosecutors leading the criminal probe into Hunter Biden.

Over three pages it lays out a timeline of when the FBI first got hold of Hunter’s laptop he abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop, how investigators proved it belonged to the First Son and had not been doctored, and how IRS special agents were left waiting for months to get their hands on emails that could aid their investigation.

‘I prepared this document. It was to memorialize a meeting that we had with the prosecution team, plus the FBI CART team, which were the computer analysis team,’ Shapley told staffers for the House Ways and Means Committee in sworn testimony published alongside the memo last week.

‘They determined, because it was abandoned property, that it could be turned over via a document request.’

The FBI and the entirety of the corrupt U.S. “security” establishment engaged in election rigging, lying to the American people, and outright crimes.

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