Guest Post by Joe Messina

The transition team is in disarray! Trump’s team is falling apart! Trump’s team is bonkers! Ben Carson won’t take a position on the cabinet, what does he know that we don’t? We all know the planet is flat! The sun and planets all revolve around the Earth and whatever else the Loons on the Left will try to throw at us!

According to the Left, ALL the key appointments President Elect Donald Trump has announced so far are terrible for the country. Mind you, these same people said Trump could never win. He wasn’t a serious player. Don’t let them pick your lottery tickets.

He named three appointees on Friday, including retired Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser. The Democrat News Network (DNN) aka: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and more actually say that this choice shows Trump doesn’t understand how government works. I say GOOD! They say Flynn was too hard charging and he may have been fired from the Defense Intelligence Agency. I’ll bet it wasn’t for using a personal email server and lying about classified emails.

I don’t want Trump to “understand” government. I want him to rely on people he trusts like Vice President Elect Mike Pence and others he’s selected to be on his advisory team so far, and then make the decisions on his own.

And to the Dems, just a reminder… You Lost! Your direction, ideals, and your ideology LOST. Your own people, Union-Working, Life-long Democrats rejected your governing style and foundation. To sum it up… your opinion on this matter doesn’t count!

Then there’s Representative Mike Pompeo of Kansas who’s slated to be the new Director for the CIA. The Left says, “By choosing Mr. Pompeo this Administration is turning out to be as scary, bigoted, and abnormal as most people feared.” HE wants to rebuild our spying capability and sharing of information and allow groups to be designated as “Radical Islamic affiliation.” Additionally, he has vowed to keep Guantanamo open and keep terrorist prisoners there. OMG! We wouldn’t want that now would we? They also threw in for good measure that he was a “Koch brothers ally.” Talk about throwing the crap against the wall to see what sticks! This is what desperation looks like people.

I guess by reporting things too honestly and calling things out by name we make certain groups feel bad. It’s PC-Bull and it just needs to stop. Again to the Dems… You Lost! Your direction, ideals, and your ideology LOST. Your own people, Union-Working, Life-long Democrats rejected your governing style and foundation. To sum it up… your opinion on this matter doesn’t count!

When Trump announced Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General the Left popped an eyeball! According to Representative Louis Gutierrez (D-Illinois) who is a supporter of legalizing all illegals here, opening the border, allowing refugees in from all over the world, and forget the laws of our country recently said, “If you have nostalgia for the days when blacks kept quiet, gays were in the closet, immigrants were invisible and women stayed in the kitchen, Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is your man. (Notice how he used Sessions’ middle name to emphasize his southern connection? However, use Barack Hussein Obama and the Left loses the few brain cells they have remaining!) No senator has fought harder against the hopes and aspirations of Latinos, immigrants and people of color than Senator Sessions.”

YO Louie! No one is buying your DEM-Bull anymore. The Dem fear-mongers headed up by ring-leaders Nancy Pelosi, Lying Harry Reid, and Joe Biden, taunt with lies like, “Republicans want you all back in chains”, “Republicans want to control a woman’s body”, “Republicans want us breathing dirty air and drinking dirty water.” But they aren’t being bought by your low-information voters (Nancy Pelosi called Democrats who vote for Republicans – Low / Uneducated workers). AND Louie, go back and check the correspondence from the Clinton campaign and the DNC to check out what they had to say about Latinos, blacks, and women. Let’s see if you can honestly agree or make excuses for those remarks.

Apparently your voters have educated themselves and have decided your political-Bull resonates no more. Some cities and states have been Dem controlled for decades and the people want out. They want better and your promises over the years have simply been lies. You’ve done nothing for them, yes nothing!

They are so tired of you that they gave Republicans the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. They are so tired of your garbage that they gave total control of 33 states to Republicans. That’s the governor seats, the state houses, and state senates. AND if that weren’t enough, they gave Republicans even more. As of today, Republicans have 35 governorships, 38 state houses, and 32 state senates. Even in states like California, Republicans hold more local elected positions than Dems. Go figure.

Liberals are still having fits that Trump’s adult kids were submitted for Top Secret security clearances, saying it would be a bigger scandal than the Clinton Foundation! Are they FINALLY admitting the Clinton Foundation is a scandal? A scam? A flim-flam job?

Maybe Trump is doing this in case he leaves a classified email on his desk that his kids might read and be brought up on charges? Or maybe he wants to use the White House to further his brand… you know, like the other guys did?!

It’s interesting how we have PROOF of the Clintons wrongdoings and the Left defends them to their detriment claiming their innocence and a declaring it a Right wing witch hunt. Yet Donald’s kids have done nothing wrong and the Left already has them committing crimes before they have even step foot in the White House!

Hard Left Democrats are very dishonest. ALL the issues they are calling Republicans out for either haven’t happened yet, they have committed themselves, or they are just mad they didn’t think of them first!

I wonder how they will spin the outcry when every one of the cabinet members will be appointed by a 51 to 49 vote instead of a 60 to 40 vote, the way it was for years until Democrats changed it to make sure they could get their way in the U.S. Senate? Let’s see how fair and honest they can be.

Democrats are still missing it. They lost this election cycle because they lost touch with the average American. Yes, Hillary Clinton won by 1.5 million popular votes, ALMOST all coming from New York and California. She won California by 3.5 million votes. A true Democrat state no matter what. New York and California do NOT represent the “Average” American. Yes, there are many great, hard-working Americans in those states, but they live in a different universe.

People voted for a change, a different way to approach politics. They didn’t want the same policies and process. So the fact that Trump’s choices are 180 degrees from what the mainstream Dems want shows he is already carrying out the will of the people.

In closing, to you hardcore, Left-wing, progressive, socialist Democrats, once again… You Lost! Your direction, ideals, and your ideology LOST. Your own people, Union-Working, Life-long Democrats rejected your governing style and foundation. To sum it up… your opinion on this matter doesn’t count!

In case it’s trademarked, I’ll give Barack Obama credit for the “You Lost” brand, as he so snarkily reminded Republicans both times he won, even when he refused to recognize the Republican win in Congress, choosing instead to believe the people who stayed home would have voted for Democrats so he was going to keep moving forward with his programs and ignore them.

In the immortal words of Hillary Clinton, I suggest All Americans, especially Conservatives, Republicans and Christians… don’t stop fighting for what you believe, don’t back down, and don’t let them win!

Stay strong America!

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