A select group of journalists were brought together by the IDF to view 43 minutes of video footage from the Oct 7 massacre by Hamas in Israel. What they saw left them shocked and stunned by the depravity and barbarism of the terrorists. Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum described what she saw as the “Darkest evil that can exist.” The networks chose not to air the footage “out of respect for the families.” (The Daily Wire)

“Today we were shown the Hamas bodycam and other videos of the attacks of October 7th. There are no words to explain. It is to witness the darkest evil that can exist. Hamas terrorists laugh and call home to boast how many Jews they killed ‘with their hands.’ Asking if their parents are proud? Humans bloodied, charred, ripped apart. But it is the cries of the children that I will hear forever. I share this with you because the world needs to know what happened. And so that you can imagine it, because I hope you never have to see it.” Martha MacCallum

Why did the IDF feel the necessity to show the journalists what happened? Because pro-Palestinian fools are denying that the massacre occurred despite the evidence. The problem is that whether it’s a “Holocaust denier” or a Hamas massacre denier, all of them are so full of propaganda that they can’t see the truth and can sway ignorant people to their side.

The darkest evil that can exist: the reason Hamas and others must be destroyed.

The Daily Mail reports:

“But what these barbarians did to these people is beyond words…There is evidence of mass rape of so brutal that they broke their victims’ pelvis – women, grandmothers, children. I volunteered to prepare the bodies of murdered women to give them the respect they deserve. I am a mother from New Jersey. I moved to Israel 20 years ago. I’m a normal person. I never expected to be confronted by what I have seen. People whose heads have been cut off. Women standing in their night dresses woken up and shot. Faces blasted off. Heads smashed and their brains spilling out. A baby was cut out of a pregnant woman and beheaded and then the mother was beheaded… Women and children burned to charcoal. Bodies murdered with their hands tied behind their backs.” Shari, worker in an Israeli Morgue

“We see evidence of torture and savagery. We have babies with their heads cut off. Bodies without hands, without legs, without genitals.” Colonel Rabbi Haim Weisberg

Some X users wanted the footage to be made public and shown at least to all members of Congress and the Senate. If they refuse, they should be expelled. Others stated that it should be shown on every college campus and the students be forced to watch. But it’s the entire world that should have to see it.

Regardless of how horrific it may be, that footage must be released to the world. The world needs to see the evil of Hamas & their ideology before it’s too late.” @Jacob63862

As Israel begins its offensive against Hamas in Gaza, it is wise to remember that anti-Israelism is a form of Antisemitism.