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Progressivism as a Cult? It Would Explain the President’s State of the Union Address

It is more than a little ironic that progressives are so disdainful of people of faith. Their progressive belief system, they claim, is based on reason and science. In reality those claims are boloney. That is why the President’s recent State of the Union address could be so full of contradictions, hypocrisy, half-truths, and outright lies, and still be accepted by his followers on faith, just like a cult.

One obvious problem in accepting progressivism as a “logical” ideology is all the contradictions they have to accommodate in their worldview. The death penalty is morally wrong, but late term abortion is a woman’s right to choose. Women’s rights are a paramount concern, but the demeaning of women under Islam isn’t all that important. Likewise, while Christian disapproval of the LGBT life style is evil, Islam again gets a pass even while executing homosexuals. Smoking tobacco should be banned, but marijuana use is fine. Peaceful and orderly Tea Part rallies were condemned, but destructive Occupy demonstrations were praised as being in the best tradition of American dissent. Free speech is an American right, but conservative speakers need to be barred from talking on college campuses. The list goes on.

Progressives are quick to claim the scientific high ground on issues like evolution, but don’t embrace even stronger evidence concerning fetal development and awareness in the womb. They continuously tell us that the science on manmade climate change is established, but rather than answer critics’ questions turn to ridicule instead of facts, just as the President did in his address. The Keystone Pipeline must not be built because of environmental dangers, even though pipelines are a safer way of transporting oil than over rail lines or highways. Eliminating polluting fossil fuel use by using alternative green energy is a must, but ignoring the environmental damage caused by wind turbines and solar panels isn’t a problem. Progressives don’t worry about all the mercury in those old electric car batteries, many of which were charged using electricity produced by coal or oil powered generators. Bio fuels which actually contribute a larger carbon footprint than gasoline are welcomed unquestionably. Progressives don’t really care about scientific facts or logic if it doesn’t fit their agenda.
And isn’t that the bottom line?

Like a cult, progressives dismiss reality when in conflicts with their worldview. Anyone who is not operating under a faith based belief system knows that progressive policies won’t work, can’t work. We’re pushing $20 trillion in debt, yet progressives want to spend more. How can spending more than you make ever result in a positive outcome? Socialism hasn’t ever raised the standard of living for the masses, anywhere, any when. We have countless examples of this, the latest being the collapse of Western Europe’s economy and the dramatic slowing of our own under Obama’s policies. Yet progressives don’t heed those warnings. More recently, Western Europe demonstrates the danger to host societies of allowing the immigration of those who won’t assimilate, yet progressive ignore this, too. It conflicts with their ideology, an ideology based on faith, just like a cult.

Liberalism’s churches are college campuses, their priests are liberal professors. Anyone listening to their current high priest, President Obama, in his last State of the Union address should have been struck by his disconnect from reality. Yet, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports, 28% of Americans strongly approve of the way Obama is performing as president. These are the same 28% who believe America is heading in the right direction. Only those with a cult mentality could ignore the truth to such an extent.

This post was cross-posted with permission from Eagle Rising.