Guest Post by Joe Messina

Do you peruse Facebook to see what’s trending, what person is in deep doo-doo today, or what new item was all the rage?

Looking at today’s feed, I notice MANY swipes at Donald Trump. MANY for his mounting(?) scandals, failed businesses, people screwed out of money or jobs, him supposedly wanting to take away freedom of speech, or his wife who posed naked! Just amazing. At first I thought they were talking about the Clintons, BUT… when I saw no mention of email scandals, the trail of dead bodies, and the many lives of women ruined, I knew it either wasn’t the Clintons or they ran out of room in the column.

I call these people “Clinton Zombies.” And I use the word “zombies” not to make fun of others, but in this case, because it actually fits. For this story, “zombies” sums it up from every angle.

A “reanimated corpse”, a person who moves very slowly and is not aware of what is happening.

One description says:

“The theory is that zombies eat the brains of the living to refuel…

So maybe they aren’t eating our brains, but they sure suck the life out of life!

These posts, though having some element of truth in them (as most lies do), seem to be calling Trump out for the same thing the Clintons have done and done at an exponential level!

After arguing with someone over the fact that the DNC emails were not in fact a conspiracy but proof as evidenced by the fact they not only do exist but that there were many apologies and resignations for them. One wouldn’t resign over a falsehood, would they? But not to worry. Having all the qualifications Democrats looks for in a leader, Hillary Clinton saw the value in Debbie Wasserman Schultz and hired her within the hour after her DNC resignation, thus lowering the unemployment rate again by 3 points (just trying to use the president’s math!) Even after stating facts, the person I was arguing with on Facebook refused to acknowledge it was true (denial), went down another road (deflection), and tried to make it look like we both agreed corruption was bad… I’m still lost! Why can’t Zombies admit the truth?

The Zombies posted that Trump wanted to make it against the law for newspapers to knowingly print a lie, thereby squelching free speech. The Dem twist fails again. What he said was… IF they printed something KNOWING it was false then the person it was aimed at could sue… and that’s bad how? They can print anything they want. Call it out as opinion if they have no evidence. But somehow even though many media outlets have been caught lying to protect Democrats and lying about Conservatives or hiding truth that would clear Conservatives, I guess that’s OK? That’s why my mantra continues to be… “They don’t want equality, they want control.”

Let’s not forget the “Net neutrality” proposal that keeps surfacing and is HIGHLY favored by Dems!
In a rare event, two commissioners one from the FEC and one from the FCC, STRONGLY opposed Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal to regulate internet service providers. The proposals also include fines for content! HELLO! No censorship here! Right?

The Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, a Democrat and Obama loyalist, said she was basically going to find a way to prosecute climate change deniers… No free speech infringement here, I guess!

She went further on the crazy train later in the year to say that she would prosecute those who use “anti-Muslim” speech that “edge against violence.” What does THAT mean? Who decides what the “edge” is or what “violence” is? Is it verbal? A gesture? An actual act? No infringement on speech here.

This Administration has a whole “department” whose focus is to keep things from the press. Kirsten Powers, an Obama defender, said that she was told by Rahm Emmanuel that they had every right to exclude Fox News from briefings because they were not a legitimate news source. That should send a chill down your spine. They decided who gets info, or not! At one of those briefings, realizing that it could happen to any news source, an NBC news reporter asked for comment and got the canned “President Obama stands behind his team.” So President Obama is all in on free speech bans. They’re already happening.

Bob Beckel, a Dem commentator, I really liked because of his no-nonsense attitude said on camera several times he was told by the White House that he needed “to tone down his comments against the president.” No freedom of press problem here!

Executive editor Leonard Downie of the Washington Post, stated:

The Obama administration launched a “war on leaks and other efforts to control information” that has constituted “the most aggressive” attack on press freedom since Watergate.

You find story after story of veteran news reporters who say this is the hardest administration they have ever covered to get info from. One reported stated, “The least transparent in my 24 years in the business.”

Yet even with all this info, even with the lies told by Clinton’s team, the Zombies want to call out Trump for having some businesses fail and “investors” lose money. They want to make a big deal out of the few people who said they didn’t get what they paid for at Trump University even though THOUSANDS attended and are happy with what they learned. But they find no problem with the Clintons who collected MILLIONS of dollars for Haitian relief and have only been able to get a VERY small amount of that actually TO the Haitians FOR relief. Even though there is a constant call for an accounting of funds and picketing every day in front of the Clinton Foundation HQ by Haitians, not one Zombie has stepped forward.

Trump won’t release his tax return. What is he hiding? Hmmm. The Clintons well… they got nothing to hide ON their personal returns. When called out they had many mistakes and “misreporting” on their Foundation tax returns. I wonder how many “business trips” were written off on the Foundation but weren’t really Foundation business? How many trips did Foundation members pay for Bill to go to “underage sexual escapade island?”

Maybe he sent it to her email server? Maybe he put it with the 33,000 emails that she says didn’t exist but then did exist but were sent to the state department but… nevermind!

The Zombies have bought into the Clintons as Royalty and they can do no wrong! Not one of the allegations can be true. James Carville speaking at an event said, “The Clintons have been the target of right-wing attack dogs since they started in politics.”

He must be reading from a different dictionary, and besides… “What difference does it make?”

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