This morning’s story SAME NY Times Reporter Said Trump Team Wiretapped In Jan., But TRUMP Lacked Evidence In March got a shout out from Rush Limbaugh today.  I am very honored (my feet haven’t touched the ground since I heard him mention the post). There is nothing like a shout-out from Rush Limbaugh to make a blogger’s day  week  make that month (and I will let you know in April if it’s longer).

If you missed it below is the segment of Rush Limbaugh’s show where he mentioned the post.  The operative part of the transcript is

Now, I want to share something with you about the actual story accompanying this headline, “Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides.” And this comes from a blog called Yid With Lid. “In January Michael S. Schmidt perpetuated the rumor that Team Trump had Russian connections, and to support his point he said that Trump’s people were wiretapped –” Michael S. Schmidt in the New York Times perpetuating the rumor that Trump had Russian connections and maybe affected the election, “and to support his point he said that Trump’s people were wiretapped.”

Well, how does he know? Somebody in the Regime, in the outgoing Regime, somebody had to share with him the data on the wiretaps, somebody had to tell him there were wiretaps, somebody had to tell him what the wiretaps had produced, ’cause he’s writing about it in the New York Times. But yet when Trump over the weekend claims they were wiretapped, this same guy, Michael S. Schmidt who wrote the piece in January, said there was no evidence that Trump had been wiretapped

You can read the full transcript of the segment here at Rush Limbaugh’s site.

And enjoy the six minute segment below: