On Feb. 11, a South Texas Justice of the Peace and three others have been arrested and charged with over 125 counts related to organized voter fraud, and it’s just making headlines now.

The media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) have flipped the script in the past few years on election integrity. Back in 2012, the New York Times was skeptical of absentee voting, but in 2016, they won a Pulitzer for reporting that they were certain that the Russians “hacked” the election using a few Facebook ads, and this was the end of democracy as we knew it. In 2020, the tide shifted again. When Democrat legislatures violated the Constitution in order to change election law just months before a Presidential election, well, that’s all hunky-dory. Even suggesting that widespread, unsolicited mail-in ballots sent out using voter rolls that haven’t been cleaned up in years, and the push by Democrats to eliminate voter ID rules could lead to some people taking advantage of this phenomenon is probably considered “dangerous and derogatory information” if not outright “insurrection.”

Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

Still, every now and then, there are reports dribbled out in the media about individuals that have been arrested and charged with tilting the scale in an election. Mind you, these are often small, local races and not the Presidential election, but still, it’s a thing that happens. The Democrats and corporate media dismiss that there is voter fraud and call any suggestion that it exists a “conspiracy theory.”

According to the Texas Attorney General’s office, the voter fraud charges stem from a 2018 Medina County Primary Election where the accused were said to be harvesting votes at assisted living centers.

Medina County, Texas Justice of the Peace Tomas Ramirez was arrested Feb. 11 after a Bandera Grand Jury indicted him and three others two days prior…

…Leonor Rivas Garza, Eva Ann Martinez and Mary Balderrama were also arrested.

Source: Fox 29 San Antonio

Let’s give these election fraudsters the attention that they so crave.

Eva Ann Martinez

Texas voter fraud

Martinez faces:

  • 1 count of organized election fraud
  • 9 counts of illegal voting
  • 28 counts of unlawful possession of ballot or ballot envelope
  • 3 counts of purportedly acting as an agent
  • 5 counts of tampering with government records
  • 14 counts of election fraud
  • four counts of fraudulent mail ballot application.


Leonor Garza

Texas voter fraud

Garza is facing:

  • 1 charge of organized election fraud
  • 2 counts of illegal voting
  • 8 counts of unlawful possession of a ballot or ballot envelope
  • 2 counts of election fraud
  • 4 counts of fraudulent use of an absentee ballot by mail.

Tomas Ramirez

Texas voter fraud

Ramirez has been charged with:

  • 1 count of organized election fraud
  • 1 count of assisting voter voting ballot by mail
  • 17 counts of unlawful possession of a ballot or ballot envelope


Mary Balderrama

Texas voter fraud

Balderrama is facing:

  • 1 count of organized election fraud
  • 9 counts of illegal voting
  • 2 counts of unlawful possession of ballot or ballot envelope
  • 1 count of mail ballot application
  • 2 counts of unlawfully assisting voter voting by mail
  • 2 counts of tampering with government record
  • 8 counts of election fraud.

Perhaps the Democrats will glom onto this one and admit that voter fraud is a thing that actually occurs since Tomas Ramirez is a registered Republican. But then again… they probably won’t.

Republicans respect the rule of law and call out both sides when it is violated.

This incident occurred in 2018, so it’ll take a while for the fraud that did occur in the 2020 election to be exposed — because there is some level of fraud in every election, especially since Democrats have been undermining voter integrity for years. Will the fraud be pervasive enough to have changed the result of the election? Well, that, my friends, is the great unknown. And the second question is: Will we ever learn about it? After all, there is no willingness by Democrats to investigate it, and radical leftists like George Soros have been heavily influencing the races for AG in many jurisdictions. Even more of a problem is that there is no desire for the corporate media to report on election fraud.

This is precisely why confidence in our electoral system and media credibility are both at an all-time low.

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