Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick are both pledging to stay the course on their border barrier policies despite the attacks by the Biden administration that is seeking to clear away the state’s razor wire barriers to keep the border wide open for illegal crossing.

Both officials visited Fox News on Monday and delivered their own warnings to the Biden administration.

Abbott, for instance, warned that nationalizing the Texas National Guard (TNG) would be a massive mistake in the wake of Biden’s threats to move in and take control of the state’s military forces.

In an interview Monday on the Sean Hannity Show, Abbott said that Biden would be committing a major political blunder if he took control of the TNG to use that force to aid illegal aliens to break our laws.

“If he tries to do that — first of all, as you know, this is the number one issue in America. Americans want a secure border. If Joe Biden federalizes our National Guard, that would be the biggest political blunder that he could make, and that’s why I think he will not do it,” Abbott said in reply to Hannity’s question about what he’d do if Biden invoked his ability to call up the TNG.

“That said, of course, I am prepared if they do make such a blunder, to make sure that Texas will be able to continue to secure our border,” Abbott noted.

Hannity went on to point out that the millions of illegals — many who are males of military age — represent an actual invasion of our country and that Texas has a right to act.

Abbott then explained “the words in Article One Section Ten Clause Three where it talks about imminent danger.” He said, “We are in imminent danger because, as you rightly point out, these are facts. And that is, some people are known terrorists who are coming across the border, that pose an imminent danger whether it be in Texas or some other state.”

“Because Biden is not doing his job, that fully authorizes the state of Texas to protect our state and our country from that imminent danger,” the Gov. explained.

For his part, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was also defiant despite Biden’s outrageous actions and massive failures to secure the border.

In an interview Monday with Fox News host Martha MacCallum, Patrick insisted that if Biden’s forces cut Texas razor wire, the state would simply replace it.

“We are putting up wire, Martha, everywhere we can. We will continue. We will not stop,” Patrick exclaimed.

“If they cut it, we will replace it. I was down there Friday with our troops to thank them, support them, and also to stand with them in the event the Biden administration did send Border Patrol there,” he continued. “Wisely, they did not. We’re thankful they did not. We don’t want a confrontation, but we want this border secure.”

“And in this area of Shelby Park, Martha, a few months ago, 3,000 people crossed daily. Now, there is virtually zero crossing in that area. So, we have proven we can do that with the Trump wall. And, remember, Trump had the border security. The president had the border secured the last year of his administration, and we were building the wall,” he said.

“We’re taking that on ourselves because the Biden administration has stopped building the wall. And the idea that the Biden administration would want to stop us from securing the border tells you all you need to know about their goals,” Patrick added.

“And on the last guest, you had and the topics from today,” he concluded, “our prayers go out to those soldiers in Georgia who lost their lives. Everywhere the president, this president, Biden, moves, death comes with him, fentanyl across the border, people drowning in the river, people killed here by MS-13, soldiers killed afar.”

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