Texas and Biden’s Feds are continuing their tug-of-war on who gets to dictate what happens on our border.

Joe’s maximal open-doors policy, together with Mayorkas shamelessly promoting the national priority of:

If the Senate leaves town for the holidays without reaching a deal, the White House will have to make tough choices about supplying allies such as Ukraine at the potential expense of US military readiness. The supplemental request also includes $14 billion for border security.

But potential changes to tighten asylum, among other stricter immigration measures, are a hard sell with Democrats, who are concerned the White House is embracing Trump-era immigration policies.

Over the weekend, senior White House officials, including White House chief of staff Jeff Zients, called Republican and Democratic lawmakers to try to reach a consensus on border policy changes, two sources familiar with the discussions told CNN. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was on Capitol Hill Sunday to meet with Senate negotiators. — CNN


If it ISN’T a crisis, why is it impacting international commerce of, you know, people with a legitimate legal RIGHT to cross our border?


One of the (many) reasons ClashDaily endorsed LTC Allen West in his bid to unseat Abbott was his commitment to invoking the rights of the State Constitution to defend its borders from Day One.

Abbott was slow in approaching that argument, but they have caught on. They are looking for legal remedies to all of the tactics the Biden Administration has applied to undermine and subvert the lawful border… mainly when Biden aggressively uses the court to block any measures Texans use to keep unlawful entrants from swarming over the border.

Yesterday, he signed new legislation that gives Texan law enforcement agencies a new tool in their tool belt.

Will it withstand legal scrutiny?

Is it aggressive enough to deal with the avalanche of people swarming across that border and flooding the coffers of Criminal Cartels with billions?

Time will tell.

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