Recently, the House Judiciary Committee put out an 800-page report detailing how Joe “I love the First Amendment” Biden coerced social media giants to censor American free speech and some of the instances are as shocking as they are unsurprising.

Foundation For Freedom Online CEO Mike Benz took some time to look through the report to find some of the evidence that the report details.

One of the snippets showed that Mark Zuckerberg told staffers in an internal email that Biden’s thugs made him sensor Facebook posts that said that COVID might have been made in a laboratory.

Another Facebook missive noted that Biden was pressuring them to remove criticism of the COVID vaccine, and to squelch conservative political satire posts and joke memes.

Another showed Amazon admitting that it began to halt sales of books that Biden’s thugs deemed “sensitive.”

This is the same president who just went on national TV and chortled about how much he loves the First Amendment and free speech and how free speech must be safeguarded.

Tell that to the millions of Americans his social media censors squashed.

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