While there was a swearing-in ceremony for the new governor, there was no swearing-out ceremony for Andrew Cuomo. Not a ceremony where he takes an oath, but one where someone angrily tells him off.  swearing out Andrew Cuomo

If Shakespeare was alive today, he might say goodbye to angry Andy with something like what he wrote in Richard III, “Thou art unfit for any place but hell.”    Since the Bard of Avon is as dead as the old folks Cuomo forced into nursing homes, caught COVID, and ended up giving the ‘big adios,’ as a public service I created a swearing out ceremony for the sanctimonious older brother of CNN’s Fredo:

Andrew Cuomo, you creepy S.O.B.! You spent more than a decade as governor, but the entire time you acted like a bag of Pampers, self-absorbed and full of crap. As a bullying thug, you disparaged anyone who disagreed with you, but what convinced people that you should be an EX-governor was sexual harassment and your unapologetic killing of old people.

As a serial sexual harasser, you damaged woman’s lives, confidence, and careers. Just because you have nipple rings and microscopic manhood, you didn’t have the right to gain power over the females who worked for you with an attempt at sexual prowess that can only be seen when you are alone in the shower.  And enough of that “I’m Italian, I kiss on the cheek, crap,” Kissing on the cheek doesn’t involve grabbing a woman’s breast or asking them to have sex with you. Cuomo, just because you have one doesn’t mean you have to be one.

There are some remarkably dumb people in this world. Andrew Cuomo, thanks for helping me understand that when thinking about your executive order sending seniors suspected of having COVID  to nursing homes instead of hospitals caused about fifteen thousand grandmas and grandpas to exist below the grass instead of living on top of it.  When the seniors began to catch the virus and die, you hid the results. Then you lied your ass off to state legislature, the feds, and to the people of New York. As the death count began to leak out, you blamed the dying old people, asymptomatic healthcare workers, the feds, and of course President Trump—anyone except yourself. Trump sent you a hospital ship and turned the Javitz convention center into a hospital–you didn’t use them. Instead, you let old people die and placed the blame on others for your screw-up.

The nursing home scandal, as well as the sexual harassment claims that forced you from office, stem from your spitefulness, ego,  and bullying personality. Cuomo, you fell in love with yourself at first sight, and it is a passion to which you always remained faithful.

Andrew Cuomo, you were a plague on the state of New York, who fed his ego by lying his arse off– so take that Emmy and the book you wrote telling people how wonderful you are, and shove them up where the sun never shines.

Get the hell out of politics! Go F**k off and don’t come back.

swearing out Andrew Cuomo