A new Rasmussen survey finds a shocking separation between what regular Americans want for — and from — this country and what the upper income earners think we all need. And the results reveal that the elites want exactly what would oppress regular Americans and keep them enslaved to government.

This is not just a normal “the rich are evil” discussion, either, because this survey reveals a very different sentiment among the ruling class than the robber barons of yesteryear.

The old “ruling class” — your Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and John D. Rockefeller types — certainly felt they were born to rule, but their interests were American in nature. They wanted America to be the winner. Today’s elite are not for America. Today’s elite are for the global, anti-American, fascist, authoritarian, UN-loving, elite. The elites of today don’t want to build America. They want to punish America and Americans.

Today’s “ruling class” are decidedly not interested in America, our laws, our Constitution, our manifest destiny, or anything else intrinsically American.

Today’s elite are not at all like the famed robber barons of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Heck, one of the robber barons, J.P Morgan, actually lent his own money to the federal government to help make sure it could keep operating.

Don’t get me wrong, the robber barons were arrogant cusses who did a lot of harm to the common man. But they also helped build this nation into a powerhouse and laid the groundwork for the American century.

By contrast, today’s elite want to use the government to rob us all.

The proof of this is in a new Rasmussen poll that found that the elite want to take choices away from Americans, they want to force us to eat bugs, they want to lower our standard of living, they want the UN, the Davos-set, and WEF to run our lives, and they think that the federal government allows we poor riff raff to have too much freedom.

The survey found the following:

In today’s full scale, Joe Biden-led economic implosion, 74 percent of those making over $150,000 a year (the elite) say they are getting richer in the Biden era. And 88 percent of those who make more than a million a year (the super elite) echo that admission.

Meanwhile, only 20 percent of the rest of us feel that our financial health is improving.

But, so what, you say? What does that matter? The rich often do better than the rest of us, right? Well, that is far from the only troubling finding here. The survey found a far more outrageous disconnect than mere a economic gulf which might engender class jealousy.

The study also found that 77 percent of the elites and 89 percent of the super elites want to ration the use of meat, gas, and electricity for the masses.

Then there was the 55 percent of the elites and 70 percent of the super elites who want to restrict Americans from “non-essential” traveling. Naturally, they feel that all their travel is essential, so their travel is important, don’t you see?

Next up was an even more telling statistic. fully 47 percent of the elites and 55 percent of the super elites think that the U.S. government “gives” the people too much freedom. Again, they fully understand that since they are the ones in control of that government, they will be allowed all the freedoms they want. Because they are more important than you are, don’t you understand?

Meanwhile, regular Americans are well under 30 percent on those questions. And it should be zero to all of them!

This is not just evidence that the elites and super elites are out of step with the rest of us. It is evidence that they are our oppressors — or at least are willing to side with our oppressors and give them more power over the rest of us.

Yesterday’s elite may have been exclusivists, they may have been arrogant. But they had a grand plan aimed at benefiting the U.S.A., one driven by private enterprise. Whether their process was right or not, they knew what it was like to create, to invent, to innovate. They knew the value of a dollar.

Today’s elite only want to destroy, not build, and they want to put us all in the hands of non-Americans — indeed, anti-Americans — and take away our freedom.

Give me yesterday’s robber barons over today’s effete elite any day.

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